Issue by Issue – Jemm, Son of Saturn #1

Writer – Greg Potter
Artist – Gene Colan
Inker – Klaus Janson
Colours – Tom Ziuko
Letters – Bob Lappan

Greg Potter and Gene Colan with an excellent team behind them, present a tale of both innocence and darkness – one balanced against the other while introducing an alien to the human race and a new character to the DC Universe. Jemm is the extraterrestrial in question and not knowing the language or customs of the land he finds himself in, he makes himself a friend in a boy named Luther and the help of a little telepathy/empathy. On the surface, it makes for an odd pairing, but what better envoy, what better tour guide to show a stranger from another planet the best that the Earth has to offer. As with most good stories, there has to be conflict and that comes in the form of Luther’s brother Lincoln who is not at all happy with his lot in life. To that effect, he deals with those who should not be considered friends; criminals that have nothing to offer other than trouble of the worst sort. His grandfather can see it and when Luther finally comes home and is eventually confronted with it, evil erupts. Jemm, though alien he may be, knows what is good and what is not and he comes to the aid of Luther’s family, but when all is said and done, tragedy strikes. Despite probably being fairly accurate for the time, the dialogue is dated and really sets the book in the period that it was published. That being said, the script by Potter is a good one even though it shares more than its fair share of clichés including the fate of the Luther’s grandfather. It draws the reader in, not only into Jemm’s situation, but into Luther’s world and one cannot help but empathise with the kid as it crumbles down around him by story’s end. As for Jemm, the main character of the series, there is little known about him at the moment – simply that he has come from Saturn and that he has no grasp of the English language as of yet. There are some other aliens it seems who are hunting him and even further, a villain in a NASA scientist whose fiancé has just died at the hands of said aliens so it is easy to see that Jemm’s time on Earth will not be an easy one. Bringing it all to life is Colan and his spectacular pencils – fully of excitement and emotion, packing a wallop with every panel. Altogether, the first issue of Jemm, Son of Saturn shows a lot of promise and with this creative team behind it, it can only get better.

4 out of 5

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