Four Colour Thoughts – Spirits of Vengeance #1

The Creators – Victor Gischler, Robbie Thompson – Writers, David Baldeón, Anthony Piper – Artists, Andres Mossa – Colours, VC’s Cory Petit – Letters

The Players – Johnny Blaze (Ghost Rider), Daimon Hellstrom (Hellstorm), Blade, Satana (back-up page)

The Story – Johnny Blaze is given a cryptic message and a bullet by a man that it just killed and after being beset by demons, he seeks out Daimon Hellstrom in order to get some answers.

The Take – The Spirits of Vengeance ride again, once more starring one of the best Ghost Riders in Johnny Blaze and he is presented with a mystery that he needs help in deciphering. Victor Gischler and David Baldeón take up the reins of this latest iteration of the title and they do a fantastic job of it making it both exciting and compelling. Both Blaze and Hellstrom’s personalities are on point and the artwork by Baldeón which is quite stunning in its own right just drives it all home. The colours are bold and bright and while it might seem strange for a book such as this to feature colours that are not of a darker palette, it works just fine and makes for a very incredible read. The one thing that this book does do is immediately make its audience miss having Johnny Blaze appear on the stands on a monthly schedule. The man carried a title for over eighty issues, appeared in other books during Marvel’s horror revival of the nineties and yet, there are no collected editions to be found and little in the way of even guest appearances. Even worse is the fact that this book is only the first of a limited series. Hopefully if sales warrant it, the title will become an ongoing and people will be able to get their fix of Marvel’s supernatural stable on an ongoing basis. Along with the mystery are a couple of mysterious villains, strange characters, a little action involving Ghost Rider and the promise of Blade in the second issue. Gischler knows what his audience wants having written many horror comics previously and he delivers all of it here with an almost Buffy-like flair. All in all, the book looks good, reads well and features some of the coolest characters in comics who have been on the shelf for far too long.

Worth It? Yes.

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