Issue by Issue – Beowulf #2

Writer – Michael Uslan
Artist – Ricardo Villamonte

While on his way to Castle Hrothgar, Beowulf, Nan-Zee, Wiglaf and the rest of his companions are attacked and while they defeat the monsters, they find themselves being dragged down into Hell. It is a frightening prospect as chronicled by Michael Uslan and Ricardo Villamonte and once there, Beowulf has a confrontation with Satan himself, one that finds Satan a little bored and thus the game as he calls it, that involves Beowulf, his friends and Grendel. Beowulf, being the hero that he is and growing a little impatient at the Dark Lord’s ramblings, attacks and is thus set free, but with the caveat that he must undertake a journey if he is to be successful in defeating Grendel. As that is taking place, Grendel has once more set his sights upon Castle Hrothgar, but with the emergence of Beowulf upon the Earth once more, Grendel retreats until it is time for them to meet upon the field of battle. Uslan creates a captivating tale, one filled with all the hallmarks of high fantasy and Beowulf makes the perfect hero, a man who is afraid of nothing and refuses to give up no matter the situation. If it were any common man that found themselves in the realm of the infernal, they would no doubt have gone mad, if not worse. Thankfully Beowulf is no ordinary man and neither are those he travels with, thus an eventual battle with Grendel is all but inevitable. Just as Uslan’s words resonate with the reader, so too do Villamonte’s pencils which are as gorgeous as the first issue, if not more so. His depictions of Hell are chilling and definitely make it seem like the stuff everyone dreams it to be and though this is just the first encounter between Satan and Beowulf, one has to wonder if they will indeed meet again at some point. The book ends with a promise of villainy from those who are known and those who are not and of course, more heroism from the star of the show – Beowulf.

3.5 out of 5

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