Cooking Up a Fresh Pot – Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead (2009)

As the Wrong Turn series moves into its third outing, the quality starts to suffer with a definite made for T.V. vibe, and not an HBO one. The movie looks and feels cheap and it was obviously made on a budget, though once again it stars a mutant cannibal woodsman whose makeup at least looks pretty decent. Suffice it to say, the second instalment was a masterpiece compared to this film, the main redeeming quality being the fact that it had an ending after ninety-two minutes of terrible.

This go round, the movie would start out with Three Fingers the cannibal killing some kayakers and from there, it would continue on as he would make his way through a bunch of escaped prisoners who were being transferred to a different prison on an alternate route, which of course was a big mistake. The prisoners are not much better than the mutant and the characterization so poor that one kind of hopes that he just kills them all so that the film can wrap itself up within a half hour. That being said, it goes on far longer than it should as Three Fingers plays with his food until there are only a few left by the end of it all.

There is little to love in this, if anything at all. The acting is wooden with the players showing little emotion throughout except for Janet Montgomery who manages to shed a tear or two, though in the end while it would be nice to see her survive, it is not really enough to make one empathize with her situation. The story was all right, but the script was poor, the music cheesy at times and altogether, was a chore to get through. Out of the three films, Left for Dead was the poorest one yet.  There was a good amount of blood, quite a bit of violence and even a little nudity and while it generally makes for a good time, at least when it comes to horror movies, it failed to make this one any better.  An okay film and nothing more.

2 out of 5

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