Sunday Sessions – Linkin Park

Though they formed earlier on and had the growing pains that every band tended to have when starting out, Linkin Park as they would eventually become known as, would finally make it big in the year 2000 with the release of their debut album Hybrid Theory. With the music industry still not having a clear identity of what it wanted to be at the time, coming after the 1990’s which were a little tumultuous with the rise of grunge and reclamation of pop, Linkin Park was like a breath of fresh air. Featuring the stunning vocals of Chester Bennington and the subtle rhymes of Mike Shinoda on their first singles like Crawling and One Step Closer, their album Hybrid Theory would establish the band as the next big thing and from there; they would claim success after success. Six more albums would follow after that first one, with many side projects and remixes and live concerts in-between to keep them busy over the course of the next sixteen years. Their latest, One More Light changed things up for the band, the group always exploring different sounds to not only stay relevant, but to challenge themselves and keep things interesting. It would not be too soon after, mere months, that long-time lead singer Chester Bennington would pass away and the future of the band be in doubt, for how could they possibly go on without him, the man integral to their sound. Suffice it to say, the band has contributed greatly to the musical landscape and they remain not only an influential band, but a great one that will always be remembered.

Southside Festival 2017

China 2015

In the End

One Step Closer


Somewhere I Belong


Breaking the Habit

Bleed it Out

What I’ve Done

Waiting for the End


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