Issue by Issue – Kong the Untamed #5

Writer – Gerry Conway
Artist – David Wenzel
Inker – Bill Draut

Kong and his new friend Rolan are starting to bond, discussing things like goddesses and the way the tribe is ruled by Jelenna and how maybe that should change. They talk about Kong’s tribe and how things are different there, of how the men rule and while things may not be exactly all that better, at least the men are not being ground down beneath the heels of the women. Gerry Conway then takes the reader to Gurat, who survived last issue’s ordeals and now finds himself starving and alone. The former he manages to take care of himself and the latter is solved when he is attacked by a man riding a pterodactyl, thus Conway introducing yet another tribe of people into the book. Eventually, everything comes to a head between Rolan, Jelenna and Sharra – his beloved, Kong, Gurat and this new tribe and the book ends in flames with Kong and Gurat making good their escape. Not only does the book end, but the series does so as well and while it manages to see the friends reunited, it is not so much a hopeful note that it leaves off on, but a chaotic one. It also leaves many unanswered questions, such as what eventually became of Kong and Gurat, what of the Beast Men and the Smooth-Skins whom Kong swore vengeance upon and did he ever eventually join back up with his former tribe or just settle in the valley with the new group of people that Gurat made friends with? For a last issue, Conway packs it with quite a bit of action and more than a little drama. All of it makes for a good read, especially towards the end when Jelenna and Rolan confront each other and he is betrayed by the one he loves. The artwork is not quite as tight as the previous issues and if there is one fault to be had with the book it is that, but overall, David Wenzel does a good job of it and makes everything quite exciting. Come the end of it all, the series was quite good but slightly unfulfilling and thus, disappointing that it had to end so soon.

3.5 out of 5

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