Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – Soul Cool Records: Vinnie Bass & Greg L Blaxploitation Guest Mix

Soul Cool Records gives audiophiles yet another incredible listening experience, this time provided by Vinnie Bass & Greg L who lend their talents to a Blaxpoitation mix or as they put it, ‘a trip through some of the funky grooves that were the backbone of the Blaxploitation cinematic experience. Grooves which have passed the test of time with grace.’  At the end of the day what is presented is pure ear candy, utterly delicious and worth every second.


1 Intro by Vinnie Bass
2 Shine by Adrian Younge
3 The Wrecking Yard by J.J. Johnson
4 Three the hard way by The Impressions
5 Sheba by Monk Higgins & Alex Brown
6 Runnin’ by Edwin Starr
7 Revolution by Herbie Hancock
8 The Spook Who Sat By the Door by Herbie Hancock
9 We Can beat this by Alan Silvestri
10 Here today by Alan Silvestri
11 Doing what comes naturally by Rose Royce
12 Truck Stop by Johnny Pate
13 Mackman by Willie Hutch
14 Running wild by Curtis Mayfield
15 Harvey’s Blues by Wanda Robinson
16 Harlem Clavinette by Bobby Womack
17 Together Brothers by Barry White
18 Three Tough Guys Title Theme by Isaac Hayes
19 Buns o’ plenty by Isaac Hayes
20 Willie Dynamite by J.J. Johnson
21 Savage Main Theme by Don Julian
22 They Call Me Mr Tibbs by Quincy Jones
23 Pursuit of the pimpmobile by Isaac Hayes
24 Black Belt Jones Main Theme by Dennis Coffey & Luchi de Jesus
25 Action In Memphis by Johnny Pearson
26 Harlem Dreams by Badder Than Evil
27 Zombie March by Nate Dove & The Devils
28 The Riot by Ed Bogas & Merl Saunders

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