In Swoops… – The Vulture (1967)

As far as horror films go, The Vulture is not a very good one. In fact, there is no horror to speak of except for the wasted time of the audience, for those who think to sit through this movie in the hopes of seeing something that might scare them. The violence is minimal and most of it takes place off-screen with the so-called vulture that this film is about being rarely seen. In the end, that was a good thing as the budget must have been spent on other things, the special effects/vulture costume being as bad as it was. Generally, the great thing about horror films is seeing something new and frightening; being scared and surprised by whatever might appear before oneself and the problem with this picture is that none of those things happened.

The story is a semi-convoluted one with a ridiculous premise that involves an amalgamation of bird and man taking his revenge upon the ancestors of a group of people that lived during the time of his forbear. That seems to be it though; they lived at the same time. Nobody did anything to anybody which makes the whole reason for this movie’s existence moot. The vulture’s motivations are ridiculous and idiotic as they make no sense and go on to prove that the makers of this film did not seem to have any idea of what they were doing. Surprisingly, there are some good performances from the cast which included Robert Hutton among others, but due to the lack of anything exciting happening and the fact that the picture felt overlong by about a good half an hour, it simply made for a long, turgid experience.

At the end of the day, there is not much one can take away from this film as a positive except for the idea of the vulture-man himself. If executed well, it would have made for a good movie and if it had factored in a little horror like it had essentially promised to deliver, it would have been better still.

1 out of 5

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