Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – Paris Is Calling 2017 | Indie/Chill Mix

La Belle Mixtape does it again with some incredibly slick tracks starting with Noah Slee featuring Shiloh Dynasty which flows into Oh Wonder and continues on before finally finishing on a Whitney Houston remix. A sonic delicacy of a mix, Paris is Calling 2017 is one a person can listen to all day.


00:00 Noah Slee feat. Shiloh Dynasty – DGAF
02:44 Oh Wonder – Lifetimes
06:20 FKJ – Skyline
09:14 Joe Hertz – Playing For You (feat. Bassette)
12:32 Louis Futon – Surreal (feat. RKCB)
15:27 Glasses – One Day
17:32 Saux – Coast To Coast (feat. Sadie)
21:05 Moglii – Away From Me
22:58 Meeka Kates – Caught Up
25:51 Belarbi – Girl
29:50 Saux – For I Know
33:08 LeMarquis – Radar
36:15 Filous – Goodbye (feat. Mat Kearney)
38:59 Musiq – Forthenight (Kartell Edit)
41:56 Whitney Houston – Fine (LeMarquis feat.Tilka Remix)

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