Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – Gabriella, A Folk Rock Indie Road Mix

Assembling a folk rock indie mix is no easy thing, especially when there are so many great artists out there in the world today, but Beard Music did just that and Gabriella is the result.  Featuring tracks from Great Lake Swimmers, Patrick James and more, Gabriella may not be the longest mixtape, but it is one that is an easy repeat listen.


0:00 Roo Panes – Indigo Home
4:32 Great Lake Swimmers – Your Rocky Spine
8:10 Bronze Radio Return – Mister Mister
12:08 Sam Duckworth – 1986
16:00 Deadwood Floats – Three years
20:54 Patrick James – Bugs
24:45 Land of Trees – Fear is the Reason
27:42 Pigpen Theatre Co. – Weathervane
32:47 Joal Camps – Be Gentle
35:32 The Migrant – Climbers

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