Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – Dreams | A Witch House & Dark Wave Mix

Dreams is a fascinating listen – moody in parts, slightly dark in others and yet always pushing forward into realms that are, for lack of a better word, dream-like.  With haunting melodies from Open Ocean, kyddiekafka and more, Vibes has created a mix that grabs the listener’s attention and takes them on a journey to a faraway place where only the music exists.


[0:00] Open Ocean – All we’ve left behind
[3:02] kyddiekafka – obsessions
[5:41] kyddiekafka – downfall
[8:26] Tengis Baatarzorigt – wifiboys \ Sorry
[11:37] Da Vosk Docta – ETERNAL
[14:54] BROKEN. – Hopeless
[18:25] kyddiekafka – no exit
[21:28] OZZIE – see me
[25:41] kyddiekafka – all the things u said (ft. Harukasuka)
[29:02] luminance. – Pieces.
[31:37] LAIRE – Smear
[35:28] METAHESH – Out Of Time w/ goldy

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