Issue by Issue – The Demon #7

Writer – Jack Kirby
Artist – Jack Kirby
Inker – Mike Royer
Letters – Mike Royer

Jack Kirby begins the issue immediately with conflict as the Demon finds himself face to face with a man called the Judge. The Judge is not in a mood to be trifled with and his creature Draaga attacks and poisons the Demon before being banished by the Judge’s prey, a boy named Klarion, or to be even more specific – a Witchboy. While the Demon has faced his fair share of dangers before, never has he been this close to death and it speaks volumes for though the Demon is strong and perhaps stronger than most, there are things stronger still. It is a good thing that Klarion has taken charge of the situation, much to Harry Matthews’ bewilderment and soon after being reverted back to Jason Blood, the man is cured thanks to the Witchboy and his cat Teekl. More than any other, Kirby packs this book with mystery for Klarion is just that and there is little explanation as to how he arrived or where he came from. What is related, is that he is seeking sanctuary from his people who are hunting him down and while he may be formidable on his own, his people are more so which is why he sought the Demon out. It is an interesting team-up to say the least that Kirby presents here, for if Klarion’s people are afraid of him and they are yet stronger than he is, that can only mean that he is still coming into his own and he realizes that. The Demon is only a means to an end and as Klarion did save his life, he can only return the favour. With this story, and not that he has not previously, Kirby cuts loose on the artwork as he peppers the book with all manner of creatures. A ghoul-like monster, a flying monstrosity, Draaka and more let the man stretch his creative muscles and not only is the artwork top-notch, but the story is both exciting and a lot of fun. Klarion is a great addition to the Demon’s mythos and hopefully, the Witchboy will show up again to bedevil the Demon, whether as friend or foe.

4 out of 5

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