Four Colour Thoughts – Iron Fist #1

The Creators – Ed Brisson – Writer, Mike Perkins – Artist, Andy Troy – Colours, VC’s Travis Lanham – Letters

The Players – Danny Rand (Iron Fist)

The Story – Danny Rand, the Iron Fist of K’un Lun, is feeling unfulfilled and restless. Worse, he is having problems harnessing his chi and summoning the power of the Iron Fist and thus, he travels the world looking for answers.

The Take – Ed Brisson, writer of wonderful things and artist Mike Perkins deliver a new take on Iron Fist, one that closely resembles the new Netflix television show, but one that is different enough to stand on its own. Brisson gives the book a more grounded take than the previous series the character starred in and is a less comedic one than the recent Power Man and Iron Fist series and as a result, could not be any better. While it is always nice to see Danny team up with the various heroes of the Marvel Universe, it is always just as interesting to see the man on his own and it is not too often that readers see a serious side to the man like Brisson paints here. If one had to associate it with another book, it is more akin to Bendis’ Daredevil than anything else and that is not a bad thing, especially after only one issue, but given how strong the writing is and the direction that it seems to be going, one can only assume good things from here on out. For his part, Perkins delivers some very strong artwork, perhaps some of his best and the book looks beautiful. At the moment, Danny Rand is not the clean-cut hero that everyone knows and loves, here he is down and out, travelling to some of the worst places in the world to test himself to the fullest extent and the pencils that Perkins lays down reflect that. By the end of the story, a mystery figure enters Danny’s life and promises him the answers he seeks, but whether that turns out to be true or not is a story for another issue and the creators of this book leave you wanting more. For those looking for an introduction to the character, this is as good a spot as any and better than most. Bring on issue two!

Worth it? – Yes

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  1. I heard this was coming and your review definitely has me excited, I’m actually enjoying the Netflix series and if this new run is akin to Bendis’ Daredevil (and Mike Perkins as a superior comic book artist) then I’ve definitely got to check it out!

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