Clocking in a Little Overtime – Maniac Cop III: Badge of Silence (1993)

When a horror franchise about an unstoppable killer breaks out the voodoo, it is quite obvious that in trying to keep things fresh, the makers of the series are running out of ideas. In the third and final Maniac Cop movie, Officer Cordell is brought back from the dead by a voodoo priest and resumes his murderous ways as if nothing had ever happened to him. Eventually Cordell makes his way to a hospital where a female officer lays brain-dead due to a store robbery gone bad and after a little killing takes place, carries the woman away and back to the priest, assumedly to make her his undead bride. Things fail to work out for Cordell, mainly because Robert Davi’s character from the second film is intent on making sure Cordell gets put down and this time for good.

There is little to love in Maniac Cop III, except perhaps seeing Robert Z’Dar return and do his thing, which at this point, is still quite a lot of fun. The voodoo angle is unneeded and seems to only be present to pad out the movie and kill some time. On one hand, it does explain how Cordell returned from the grave, but leaving it unexplained might have worked a little better by giving the film a little mystery. As it is, until the killing starts and even afterwards, the film was fairly unexciting and focused far too much on McKinney as played by Davi, than it did on Cordell. While Davi’s character was not wholly uninteresting, the previous two movies were all about Cordell and shifting the focus away from him in this picture hurt it more than anything else.

There are a couple of inventive kills present, but for a horror movie, the scares were few and the movie ended up being a little sillier than it was probably meant to be. Out of the three, Maniac Cop III was the weakest of the bunch, but it was by no means a terrible movie, just less than it could have been.

2 out of 5

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