Crime Never Sleeps – Psycho Cop Returns (1993)

One would think that one Psycho Cop movie would be enough, but they would be wrong and thus the reason for Psycho Cop Returns released in 1993. It is by all accounts, just as bad as the first, but also just as good and in fact, even better. Robert R. Shafer returns once again as everyone’s favourite serial killer and while Wallace Potts did not, the film gained a new writer in Dan Povenmire and a director in Adam Rifkin.

Everything that made Psycho Cop as good as it was is present in this film – the terrible dialogue, the bare-bones plot, the violence, the gore and best of all, the cheesy one-liners. If Shafer was not spouting those off before and after every kill, the movie would definitely not be as entertaining as it was. Psycho Cop Returns is not just better than the original despite the added nudity, but because it sticks to the formula established in the first and though it does not necessarily improve on it, it gives the audience more of it.

The intended victims in this picture are no teenagers, instead just a bunch of nine-to-fivers who work in an office building and for Officer Joe Vickers, it is a good thing that they just happen to be working late, or at least pretending to so that they might throw a party. It is the perfect setting for a serial killer – a building on lockdown, filled with obnoxious men and prostitutes with a few other random people thrown in for good measure, perfect for Dickers who cannot wait to start murdering each and every one of them.

One has to give Shafer credit for bringing Vickers to life in such a gleeful manner. He is no better an actor than he was in the first film, but he gives the role a little more ardour and it comes across to the audience, making the picture a true joy to watch. The rest of the cast is highly forgettable, except for Larry as played by Rod Sweitzer. Out of everybody, it is he that one hopes Vickers will get his hands on and yet surprisingly, he manages to last for most of the picture. Also making a brief appearance is B movie queen Julie Strain, though she hardly makes the movie any better.

Altogether, Psycho Cop Returns is a lot of fun – a vast improvement upon its predecessor and one of the best bad movies a person could ever watch.

3 out of 5

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