Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – Only The Wild Ones

Mr. Foxx Frequency is ready to get everyone in the mood for spring with a playlist made up of folk, pop, indie and ambient tracks.  Starting with the brilliant Animal from The Dunwells through two and a half hours of incredible songs to finish with Josh Ritter, each track is a pure joy to listen to and it does indeed make one forget about the winter doldrums.

0:00- The Dunwells – Animal
3:55- Noah Kahan – Young Blood
7:24- Charles William – Say Hey
10:24- Michael Schulte – End of My Days
14:13- Neil Halstead – Full Moon Rising
20:05- Bear’s Den – Berlin
24:32- Dispatch – Only The Wild Ones
28:45- Sleeping At Last- Body
32:40- Roscoe James Irwin – The Wild
36:57- Canyon City – Firework
40:00- Snowmine – Let Me In
43:42- Just Suddenly- Too Much
46:23- David Gray – All My Last Things
53:30- The Hidden Cameras – The Day I Left Home
56:15- AIRD – Just in Time
1:00:27- Luke Thompson – Frames
1:04:10- Willy Poldd – The Deer
1:08:19- Jake Houlsby – Howl
1:11:57- Wake Owl – Wild Country
1:15:45- Run River North – Growing Up
1:20:02- Samuel Gajicki – Oh Brother When
1:24:07- Jack and the Weatherman – Special Girl
1:27:23- Cinders – Moody Blues
1:30:57- Nathan Ball – Alone
1:35:13- One Man Dancing – Anywhere
1:35:29- Jake McMullen-Giving Up
1:43:40- Jake Etheridge – You Found Me First
1:47:07- Jacob Lee – I Just Know
1:52:03- Gregory Alan Isakov- Time Will Tell- (Red Barn Studio Live Sessions)
1:55:32- ON AN ON – Drifting
2:00:05- Groundfold – The Final Chapter
2:05:05- Elephant Kind – Saviour
2:09:07- Dustin Tebbutt – Plans
2:12:58- Decfive – Hugh Williams
2:15:58- Cold Weather Company- Seafarer
2:22:23- The Tallest Man on Earth- Rivers
2:26:23- Langhorne Slim and the Law- Changes
2:29:03- Josh Ritter – Good Man

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