Issue by Issue – Doctor Strange Vol.2 #53

Writer – Roger Stern
Artist – Marshall Rogers
Inker – Terry Austin
Colours – Bob Sharen
Letters – Jim Novak

With Morgana afflicted with a magical malady that might erase mankind from all of time, Doctor Strange has gone back to see if he can head it off and save Morgana in the process. Roger Stern and Marshall Rogers craft a fun trip for the Doctor into Egypt’s ancient past where Strange runs into more trouble than he bargained for. Though Stephen did not exactly expect a primitive culture, he never thought he would run into technology more advanced than that of the current day. Stern and Rogers not only pepper the book with danger to the Sorcerer Supreme, but he brings in the Fantastic Four who are also not faring so well. So it is that not only does Strange have to save Morgana’s past self, but survive the machinations of Rama Tut and aid the Fantastic Four while he is at it. All of it is highly enjoyable and it is amazing that Stephen is able to hold it all together considering the amount of hoops the creators of this story put him through. As predicted, Clea – who only appears for a few brief moments in this story, does so to do what she thinks is best for Stephen, even though he vociferously denies it. There is nothing the man wants least in the world than what she offers and yet, she gives him no room for argument and ends the book on a bit of heartache. It may seem like a note of finality when all is said and done, but Stern has been ending everything on a question mark of late and knowing Doctor Strange as readers are wont to do by this point, the man will most likely go after Clea as the seeds for this particular plotline have been dropped over many issues previous to this. One thing that this story does prove is that the odd guest-star is not a bad thing. Having the Fantastic Four appear made it even more entertaining than usual and tends to make one think of other Marvel heroes that might team up with the Doctor for further adventures. All in all, a good story with some great action and a bit of tragedy to keep things interesting.

3.5 out of 5

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