Issue by Issue – Shogun Warriors #1

shogun-warriors-1Writer – Doug Moench
Artist – Herb Trimpe
Inker – Dan Green
Colours – Andy Yanchus
Letters – Jim Novak

Whether you work in the limelight or out of it, behind the scenes or out in public – kidnapping people to work for you is not the best way to go about things. Dr. Tambura should know better, but after eons of lying dormant, Lord Maur-Kon and his followers have awakened to threaten the Earth once again and there is nothing to do but try and convince three brave souls to take up a fight they have never even heard of. Such is the premise of Shogun Warriors by Doug Moench and Herb Trimpe, a series based upon a toy line about giant robots and their enemies. One would think that if there was ever a chance for an unspeakable evil to return to menace the Earth from a period in time only referred to as the Great Chaos Wars, then Tambura and his people should have been prepared for it. As is shown in this story, Dr. Tambura and the Followers of the Light are anything but ready and it is up to the three wildly untrained candidates that he has abducted from across the planet, to learn how to pilot the giant robot Raydeen and battle the monster named Rok-Korr that has risen up from the depths of a volcano. Such as it is, Moench introduces us to American Richard Carson, Genji Odashu from Japan and Ilongo Savage from Madagascar and while they are quite angry at first, being torn from their lives, Dr. Tambura quickly explains what is at stake and the three agree to operate the robot Raydeen so that they might save the world. There are a few plot holes to be had, but when reading a book about giant robots that have existed from the time when men were in caves and who do battle with equally giant monsters determined to rule the Earth and whatever other planets they deign to set their sights on, a little leap in logic is sometimes required and really, it takes nothing away from the story that is being told. Illustrating it all with great aplomb is Trimpe with a little help from Dan Green and the two do great work by making it all very exciting. There is a ton of action as the giant beings do battle and though they might be new at piloting a robot, the team does a great job and manage to come out on top, though just barely. As for the title, it does indeed say Warriors in the plural and the as the story ends, we are introduced to Combatra and Danguard Ace with the promise of more action to come.

3.5 out of 5

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  1. Ah, the Shogun Warriors! This was a great series, you have a knack of picking out some of my favourite comics with this feature! The premise of the series was a bit wacky, but fun, and the art in this first issue is quite good too. Will look forward to revisiting more of these issues 🙂

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