Sunday Sessions – A Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas

tsoNever before has rock n’ roll merged with Christmas so well as it did with the coming of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Thanks to Paul O’ Neill and members of the rock band Savatage – Jon Oliva and Al Pitrelli, Trans-Siberian Orchestra would be made real and quite uniquely in the world of music, be a group that would predominantly play songs only having to do with Christmas. From their first album Christmas Eve and Other Stories and The Christmas Attic, through rock operas and single tracks to their latest Letters from the Labyrinth, the group has toured every year from 1996 and onward to great success and so successful would they be, that they would form two touring groups – TSO East and TSO West. Over the years they have featured a plethora of singers, both male and female and no matter who was at the helm for whatever number, you could be assured of not only professionalism, but a little bit of magic too. Additionally, what makes this band even better is that they are highly charitable and often donate a portion of ticket sales to a number of charities which cannot be said of many musicians. There is one fact that you can be guaranteed of no matter should you listen to an album or attend a show and that is a great time. Non-traditional maybe, but just as good – check out Trans-Siberian Orchestra and their music and you will not be disappointed.

Albany NY 12/13/2015

Boston MA 12/20/2014

The Lost Christmas Eve

The Christmas Attic

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