Issue by Issue – Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth #48

kamandi-48Writer – Denny O’Neil
Artist – Dick Ayers
Inker – Alfredo Alcala

After what has seemed like a long journey, Kamandi, Ben and Rongo have finally made it back to Sacker’s Department Store and as per every other time in his life, Kamandi is met with violence. Fighting their way through, they try to get in as quietly as possible and it is to no avail as Sacker is waiting for them along with a painful death. Our heroes, minus Rongo, have come to the end of the road, at least as far as Sacker is concerned and it is all thanks to Denny O’Neil and Dick Ayers. Sacker is tired of Kamandi and everything that accompanies him whenever he rears his head and so it is that he condemns Kamandi and Ben to death alongside Arna and Spirit. As it is, none of our heroes remain in that gas chamber very long as Ben was concealing a weapon he had taken off of a guard outside and soon they break free. To say they encounter resistance is putting it lightly and everyone has their work cut out for them. Not only does Kamandi finally put an end to Sacker, sort of at least, we finally get to see him get a hold on his little rage problem. This particular plot point has been out of sorts with the character and it is good to see it come to an end finally, not to mention seeing Pyra and Doctor Canus return with the latter also finally controlling his very same anger issue. Despite being one of the strangest plotlines to hit the book over the course of its run, it has been somewhat interesting as it has affected the relationships that Kamandi has had with others as well. The artwork by Ayers was decent, but not as strong as the book had seen previously and while nobody could hope to match Kirby’s dynamism, he still managed to make it fairly exciting. Now that Ben and Canus, Pyra and Kamandi are back together again, you have to wonder just what it is that O’Neil will have in store for them. There is still the issue with Tuftan that has not been resolved as of yet, not to mention other friends who have been lost along the way. Also, now that Arna and Spirit are all right, will the compatriots find a way to stave off Arna’a shortened life, or will that be left unresolved as well? A lot of questions and a lot of possibilities have presented themselves and it will be fun to find out what comes next.

4 out of 5

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