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Can Science Prevail Where Force of Arms Has Not? – Godzilla vs. Megaguirus (2000)

Godzilla vs. Megaguirus, the second picture of the Millennium series finds the big green behemoth up against one of his most tenacious foes yet and it is not the insect-like Megaguirus. Instead, it is a woman who goes by the name Kiriko Tsujimori who is determined to put an end to his destruction once and for all no matter what it takes. The reason for her one-woman war is to avenge the death of her partner during a previous Godzilla attack and now, godzilla-vs-megaguirus-5thanks to the Science Institute and their black hole technology called Dimension Tide, she is closer than ever to accomplishing her goal.

When comparing the film to the previous one, there was little in the way of improvements when it came to the special effects, and yet even so, there were moments where it seemed impressive and others where it was slightly juvenile. Much of the battle between the two titans was as you might expect and not so different to all the many fights Godzilla has entered into before. Those moments where the film really shined were the instances when Megaguirus would use a new power, when the Dimension Tide would be used for its black hole abilities or when Godzilla would let loose with his atomic blasts. There was one single scene that would bring it all home though, that would find the viewer on the edge of their seat and that being the near-finale of the film when Godzilla would face down the black hole coming for him. It was a truly epic godzilla-vs-megaguirus-4moment, one that was perfectly staged and not only the best example of visual effects in this film, but of Godzilla’s true measure.

Much like Godzilla 2000, this film ignores everything that came before it, including that aforementioned movie and continues forward from the original 1954 version. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but there is something to be said for legacy which adds to the creature’s mythos. Thankfully, the makers of this film gave the monster some backstory, painting Godzilla as a creature that only comes to shore to destroy the various nuclear plants and when they are abolished, those places that produce plasma energy. godzilla-vs-megaguirus-3This also leads into the main reason as to why Godzilla is attacking currently, something that is a mystery for much of the picture and making our heroes doubt themselves as to their ability to predict just why Godzilla does what he does.

The surprising thing about this film is that by the end, there is a decisive victory, something rarely seen in a Godzilla film and while decisive, it is also divisive. The great thing about Godzilla movies is the fact that the monster always survives, usually in the midst of saving humanity from whatever monstrosity pops up to threaten them. Here, things are different and though it is good to innovate, once again, legacy speaks volumes. Still, Godzilla vs. Megaguirus was a very entertaining picture and as a standalone film, works quite well.

3.5 out of 5


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  1. I liked this one a lot, more so than many other G-fans. The science seemed plausible and like you said there were some real stand out scenes. On of my fave is when the swarm of space bugs attack Godzilla in order to take his energy and give it to the Queen Megaguirus.

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