You Can Never Be Prepared For A… – 3-Headed Shark Attack (2015)

When a film starts off with an attack from a shark sporting three heads, with blood and guts and a little bit of nudity, you know the film you are watching is either going to be really, really good or the exact opposite. As it stands, 3-Headed Shark Attack was actually quite enjoyable and for a movie made by The Asylum, and that is a bold claim to 3-headed-shark-attack-4make as most of what they produce is quite terrible as a rule.

Not being known to spend anything on a film that one could actually call a budget, The Asylum managed to assemble a group of actors that were able to deliver Jacob Cooney and Bill Hanstock’s script competently enough, with the single exception of Rob Van Dam that is. The man was all kinds of wooden when delivering his lines, though to be fair, the man is not known for his vocal skills in the squared-circle either. On the plus side, when it came time to deliver on the action, Van Dam was perfect, almost as if it came naturally. All of this aside, it was not as if the story and script were all that fantastic, in fact it was highly generic and formulaic, but when it comes to shark films, they all follow a similar route and there really are no surprises, that is at least until you give the shark more than one head.3-headed-shark-attack-3

When it came to the special effects, they were obviously computer-generated, but for the most part, they looked really good. The shark was done well and made to appear menacing and the only time it looked fake in any way was when it was jumping out of the water and smashing boats to pieces. The shark’s origin is a little ridiculous, something to do with pollution and how it then ends up feeding on trash as well as humans for the duration of the movie, but at the end of the day, it really impacted little of the film and was an unnecessary plot-point. All you have to know to enjoy this movie is that there is indeed a three-headed shark and that at some point, it is either going to kill everybody, or someone is going to kill it.

As far as shark movies go, 3-Headed Shark Attack was not all that bad. Things could have been improved here and there and having Danny Trejo in the film definitely made it just a little bit better, but as a whole, it is a movie you will not regret seeing as strange as that may seem.

3 out of 5

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  1. If you accept that these are low budget no-brain films you can enjoy some of these Asylum films. My fave was Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies. Some are fun because they are so ridiculous. ie. Sharktopus vs Pteracuda. I actually had some mild enjoyment of Two-Headed Shark Attack, so I may give this a watch 🙂

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