Feared Above All Else, She Was… – Queen of the Amazons (1947)

Queen of the Amazons finds a woman played by Patricia Morison who has headed out to the jungle in India to find her husband no matter what it takes. What is plainly evident is that she loves him, but is not in love with him and starts to fall for her guide as portrayed by Robert Lowery. As they make their way to where they need to go, things start happening to members of the group resulting in death and when they finally reach their destination, not everything is queen-of-the-amazons-17as they imagined it.

This film might be titled Queen of the Amazons, but she features in it very little, as do said Amazons. It is a little disappointing because while an adventure film that takes place in the jungle is always an exciting affair, you had naturally assumed that it would be focusing upon this queen and her band of women, facing danger or what have you. Instead of that, the titular character takes a backseat to the expedition team. Thankfully, the story manages to be all right and is compelling enough that you manage to find yourself wondering if this ragtag group of people will end up accomplishing their mission.

Lowery and Morison have some good chemistry between them and while their relationship starts off a little rough before it has even begun, the two end up hitting it off, perhaps a little more than they should. Starring as the Amazon Queen is Amira Moustafa who seems a little less than queen-like and it begs the question, just how itqueen-of-the-amazons-18 is that among the entire group of women that were supposedly stranded in the jungle those many years ago, that she was able to rise amongst them. Hampering her performance is the fact that her dialogue was a bit poorer than everyone else’s, not to mention the fact that her skills as an actress left a little to be desired.

Nice to see was that the picture never managed to overstay its welcome, but come the end of the day, as far as adventure films are concerned, it was middle of the road. There are worse pictures to be sure and movies that are far better in the genre, yet Queen of the Amazons manages to be worth the effort and will keep you entertained if nothing else. Ultimately, with a little mystery, murder and betrayal, you could not ask for more.

2.5 out of 5

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