Saturday Soundtracks – Phenomena

If looking for a suitable soundtrack to listen to during Halloween, you cannot go wrong with one that accompanies a Dario Argento film.  Released in 1985, Phenomena would once again feature Argento collaborators Goblin along with the likes of Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Bill Wyman and Terry Taylor among others.  It is a fascinating soundtrack simply for the fact that at times it can be haunting and suspenseful and yet during others, gets your blood pumping with those tracks by the aforementioned rock bands.  Motorhead for example, does not exactly make you wet yourself in fright, but it does get your heart racing a little.  Surprisingly, it all strikes a nice balance, going from one genre to the next.  The soundtrack ends with a bang featuring Andi Sexgang’s The Naked and the Dead, a man you will either love or hate but whose music fits this soundtrack like a glove.  The best of it all is Goblin though, the prog-rock band that seems to accompany Argento more than any others and their songs immediately capture the mood of not only a particular scene, but of the movie overall.  While the soundtrack is not as strong as say Suspiria, it is still quite good and a perfect one for the season.


1. Claudio Simonetti – Phenomena
2. Iron Maiden – Flash of the Blade
3. Goblin – Jennifer
4. Andi Sexgang – The Quick and the Dead
5. Andi Sexgang – You Don’t Know Me
6. Goblin – The Wind
7. Bill Wyman & Terry Taylor – Valley
8. Goblin – Sleepwalking
9. Motorhead – Locomotive
10. Goblin – Jennifer’s Friend
11. Simon Boswell – The Maggots
12. Andi Sexgang – The Naked and the Dead

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