Issue by Issue – Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth #37

kamandi-37Writer – Jack Kirby
Artwork – Jack Kirby
Inker – D. Bruce Berry
Letters – D. Bruce Berry

After seeing all kinds of creatures during his time upon the Earth, Kamandi still has not had a lot of interaction with humanity, at least the way it finds itself now. So when a large herd of men and women start to pass Kamandi and his companions by, he cannot help but be fascinated as to what they are doing. It is at this point that Jack Kirby sets our hero off upon his own journey once again, leaving Pyra and Doctor Canus behind so that he might see if there are any more humans as intelligent as him upon the planet. Though it happens all of the time, trouble and danger follow Kamandi almost as if he was cursed and it strikes once more including the people that surround him. This time it is in the form of masked men who are gathering up the ‘animals’, though for what purpose remains unknown. All Kamandi knows is that he does not want to be a prisoner again and so he fights, but does so futilely and ends up being that which he feared. It is here that Kirby veers off course and where it seems like he is heading in the direction we have seen many times over, he instead gives us something a little new for the creatures that captured Kamandi are not creatures at all, but his fellow man. There is an additional twist to these people as they are unlike any that Kamandi has encountered thus far, for they do not age as Kamandi or any other normal man does. These strange, new people finally make their intentions known and it is not something Kamandi expected in the least. As usual, Kirby’s pencils are on point and look fantastic. The action scenes in particular are filled with an unrivaled energy seen anywhere else and it makes reading this book particularly thrilling. It has been a long time coming, seeing Kamandi interact with sentient humans aside from Ben Boxer and his friends and to say that things are off to a rocky start is putting it lightly. A fascinating issue from start to finish.

4 out of 5

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