Issue by Issue – Doctor Strange Vol.2 #19

doctor-strange-vol-2-19Writer – Marv Wolfman
Artist – Alfredo Alcala
Colours – Michele Wolfman
Letters – Alfredo Alcala

When readers open this book to its first page, they will notice that Steve Englehart and Gene Colan are noticeably absent, replaced instead by Marv Wolfman and Alfredo Alcala. Both Wolfman and Alcala are great creators in their own regard, but as they came on board in the middle of a story, they did it a disservice and it them, for it was not some of their best work. The main problem was probably just that – coming on board in the midst of what Englehart had planned and whatever that might have been, was more than likely not what materialized on the page. What ended up being published was a disjointed effort, bits of story to tie up what Englehart had started, scenes that would flash back to events previous in the run and new material squeezed in-between. It is a slapdash effort and somewhat of an insult to readers of the title who had stuck around hoping for a decent conclusion to the story. By the end of the book, everything was tied up surprisingly well, but for the most part, everything before that from the first page to the nearly-last was not so good. Alcala does a fair job on the artwork, but Wolfman packs it so full of story and script that Alcala has little room to really play which is a bit of a shame. This turned out to be an okay chapter and nothing more, especially when compared to the previous eighteen issues.

3 out of 5

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