Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – secret d e s i r e

If looking for something a little different, this mix will fill that craving within you. Containing songs from Aphex Twin, Sgnls, Princess Nokia and more, there is a little bit of pop, some electronic, and synth among other styles and all of it creates a wonderfully eclectic listen. Kitchen Motors is especially fun and really, this entire mix is both strange and surprising in its ability to please.  SELECTOR anonimo did a great job arranging this.


Sgnls – Unknown
Gmackrr – The Secret Desire for a Listener
Moondog – Behold
Underworld – Blueski
Can – Spoon
Kraftwerk – Numbers
JFM – How Many Hearts Do You Hold?
1-Speed Bike – Oakland Pulic Library Cambodian Tape Archive Remix For The Afghani People
Prefuse 53 – Female Demands
Juana Molina – Wed 21
Crash Course in Science – Kitchen Motors
Flying Lotus – Physics for Everyone
Health – Severin (Small Black Remix)
Aphex Twin – Yellow Calx
Princess Nokia – Dragons
Laurel Halo – Wow
Gmackrr – Moon-Earth-Moon II

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