Saturday Soundtracks – La Bamba

1987 was the year that saw the release of the film La Bamba, a biographical movie about the life of rock star Ritchie Valens. It would go on to make a star of Lou Diamond Phillips and feature some incredible cover versions of Valen’s hits by Los Lobos, especially the title track which would see them playing it at live shows for many years thereafter. It is a little strange that none of the original versions would be present, but as they were not in the movie, it does tend to make sense.  All of Valens biggest hits are present including Come On, Let’s Go!, We Belong Together and of course, La Bamba. The film would include a few scenes starring Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper, the other two musicians that Valens would tour with towards the end of his life with, and die with, yet their music is notably absent from the soundtrack even though it was featured in the film. It is a bit of a shame, yet despite that, the soundtrack still remains a solid thirty-odd minutes of fun and thirty-odd minutes showcasing an artist that was taken far too soon.


La Bamba – Los Lobos
Come On, Let’s Go! – Los Lobos
Ooh My Head – Los Lobos
We Belong Together – Los Lobos
Framed – Los Lobos
Donna – Los Lobos
Lonely Teardrops – Howard Huntsberry
Crying, Waiting, Hoping – Marshall Crenshaw
Summertime Blues – Brian Setzer
Who Do You Love? – Bo Diddley
Charlena – Los Lobos
Goodnight My Love – Los Lobos

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