Big Brother Season 18 Week 2 – Roadkill!

bbweek2We’re back with week two of BB18! It’s been a week full of competitions, stupid people, and, I’m sure, viewers rolling their eyes every time Jozea came onscreen. So let’s jump right in, shall we?

So the new competition this year is something called the BB Roadkill. Each weak, all the house guests will compete individually in a competition, and the winner anonymously gets to nominate a third person for eviction. This immediately has all the vets scared, and I don’t blame them. If a newbie wins this challenge, one of the vets will go up on the block and most likely will be the one to head out the door on eviction night. So it’s of the utmost importance for a vet or someone aligned with a vet to win this challenge. And as such, it’s also of the utmost importance for the vets to recruit a few newbies to their side.

The first person Day goes after is Zakiyah, and my first thought is one of dread. Isn’t Zakiyah aligned with Jozea and Paul? As it turns out, not so much. She’s tired of the crazy those boys bring to the fold, so she wants out. Plus, she actually kind of wants to work with Day now. So we’ve got our first newbie. Michelle is an easy target. Day doesn’t even have to do anything to get Michelle on her side, as Michelle goes to her and says she wants to work with the vets. So now we’ve got two. Corey and Tiffany are also brought into the mix for an alliance of 8 called the 8 Pack.

I’m super excited about this, since I’m rooting for the vets at the moment, but dudes, what about Paulie?! He’s up on the block for you as a pawn, and you don’t even include him in your alliance? That’s pretty harsh. I thought for a while that maybe he’s sort of the vets’ secret alliance member that they don’t tell the rest of the newbies about, but no one talks about him at all. He’s often in the HoH room with the others, but there doesn’t seem to be any alliance talk with him, either to his face or about him in the DR. I feel bad for the guy. I definitely think he deserves to be part of the alliance after having to deal with Jozea and Paul’s crap all week.

The first Roadkill challenge involves the house guests sitting in the driver’s seat of the BB RV, where they have to hold down three buttons (steering wheel, gas pedal, and what I’m assuming is a gear shift) while stripping off all their clothes, down to their bathing suits. If they take their hand off of one button to undress, the timer will go thirty times faster. If they take their hand off two buttons, it will go sixty times faster, and if all three buttons are not pressed, it will go 120 times faster. Some people are definitely better at this game than others, and I have to wonder how Glenn would have done in this challenge, as it seems much easier for flexible people.

After everyone is finished, all the house guests check their tackle boxes to see if they won. And who should come out on top? Why Frank, of course. Was there any doubt? He’s very good at keeping a straight face and playing dumb, good enough that when Jozea announces to him that he knows Paulie won because he can read faces, Mr. CEO Messiah doesn’t even suspect Frank at all. He even trusts Frank enough to bring him into his alliance. But I think that may say more about Jozea than Frank. He still doesn’t suspect anything when Paul is nominated as the Roadkill nominee. This guy is just so clueless. Paul is too. I can’t wait until they’re both gone.

In other stupidity, Natalie, Bridgette and Bronte decide to start a super-secret all-girls alliance called the Spy Girls, an alliance that Tiffany immediately spots, since the three of them openly talk about it in the back yard with her only a few feet away. Morons. Also stupid is the fact that this is an alliance of three people when there are fifteen people in the house – not exactly great numbers for controlling a vote. As a mathematician, you should know this, Bronte. Even worse, they hook up their train to the Paul/Victor/Jozea engine and pretty much seal their own fate, something I’m sure they’ll realize eventually. It’ll be fun watching them try to scramble away from that ticking time bomb once they realize it’s live.

So Jozea is still delusional, completely convinced that he’s running the house and everyone loves him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a house guest that has been this crazy. Dude is nuts. He calls himself the messiah, the CEO, and even likens himself to Obama. Wow, dude, there is such a thing as too much confidence, and you’ve got it. He also now thinks that Michelle won the Roadkill challenge because she didn’t look up when Paul was announced as the nominee or something. Cue Day, James, and Zakiyah laughing behind his back when he announces that he’s got it 100% figured out.

The veto competition involves the HOH, nominees, and Day and Corey spinning around fifteen times, then stacking foam bones between two rods before their 45 seconds of time runs out. They have to crawl through a tube and spin around fifteen times again to restart their clock. Surprisingly no one runs out of time, and also surprisingly, Paul wins the challenge by shoving all of his bones between the two rods they’re supposed to balance the bones on. It seems a little backhanded to me, but I guess it’s not technically against the rules. He, of course, takes himself off the block, and Bridgette goes up in his place, since she’s the only eligible one left that isn’t in the 8 Pack.

Now, I’d heard about the “secret” meeting that Jozea called before I actually watched the show, but seeing it play out was even more ridiculous than hearing about it. Jozea’s new target is Paulie, just because he’s related to Cody. Apparently the next best thing to getting rid of a vet is to get rid of someone related to a vet, so he calls this super-secret meeting that everyone knows about. He gets Day to grab Zakiyah from the HoH room, where she, of course, tells everyone what’s going on. And even more hilarious, James just follows everyone else into the Have Not room and crashes the meeting, and no one blinks an eye! I find it incredible that Jozea is so arrogant that he doesn’t even care who knows what he’s up to. Dude is a giant idiot. But afterwards, when Paulie confronts him about the meeting (after Nicole tells him to chill about it), Jozea completely plays dumb about the meeting and basically insists he’d been preaching love and togetherness. Now that we’re getting closer to eviction night, Paul tells Jozea to make peace with Nicole just in case there’s a tie and she has to vote. So he goes to her and tells her he wants to work with her and that he’s got nothing against her. Dude! You’ve been calling her a bitch all week and telling everyone and their brother that she’s your target. Pretty sure some of that has gotten back to her by now. She knows, dude. You haven’t won her over. He sure thinks he has though.

This is where I start to get a little scared though. Over the past couple days, Bridgette has done a few things that make her seem super suspicious, though I don’t believe she’s as sneaky as the 8 Pack thinks she is. During the house meeting, Bronte urged her to go up to the HoH room and spy for them, and then she told everyone at the meeting what was happening. And then, when Jozea assured a handful of the others that his meeting with Nicole went well, Bridgette warned him not to trust Nicole because she’d been sneaky on her previous season (Something I don’t really remember her being, but maybe my memory isn’t as good as I think it is). Well this makes the 8 Pack nervous. They all know where Jozea stands because he doesn’t shut up about it. But Bridgette plays her hand closer to her chest, so they don’t really know what she’s thinking. Maybe they should vote her out instead. The answer is no, guys. I see where you’re coming from, but the answer is no. Get rid of the nut job.

He’s not the only nut job though, either. Natalie starts complaining to a room full of girls and James that Victor is really bothering her because he’s really nit-picking everything she does. He’s really showing his control freak side, and it’s not sexy. James makes a joke that he feels like one of the girls, so when Paul walks in, James stops him and says they’re having girl talk. It’s clearly a joke. James is very rarely serious, which is something Paul would know if he ever watched the show. Bronte can see that Paul is about to explode, so she takes him out of the room and back to his boys, where he completely flies off the handle about James. He wants to go right back in and tell James off, and when Bronte wisely tells him not to do it, because it could ruin all of their games, he turns his anger on her. This dude clearly has issues. He’s a hot head, and to fly off the handle like that over a joke is ridiculous. Victor and Jozea tell Bronte to go back in with the girls where she’ll be more useful, and that really pisses her off too. I’m sure they didn’t mean it in a “get back to your place in the kitchen” kind of way, but that’s how she takes it, which is also a little ridiculous. After she goes back inside, Paul tells his boys that he can’t handle women, and it makes me wonder if he has issues with anyone telling him what to do or just women telling him what to do. Either way, this is the kind of guy I could see getting kicked out for fighting; the way Willie did back in Frank’s season.

We get down to eviction time, and everyone votes predictably, leaving Bridgette with no votes and Jozea heading out the door. No one says a word as he hugs everyone goodbye, and it’s even completely silent as they watch his picture turn grey. I don’t think I’ve seen that before. And proving once again that he’s completely clueless, he tells Julie that he thinks that Natalie was the one who turned on him in the end.

I’d love to say goodbye to Jozea, but unfortunately, he may have a chance to get back into the house, because we’ve got another twist! The Battle Back twist will give the first five evicted house guests a chance to get back into the house, Redemption Island style. He’ll battle Glenn in some sort of challenge, and the winner will battle the next person voted out. The last person left standing after the first five have been evicted will get to go back into the house. I already hate this twist. I hated Redemption Island on Survivor, and I think this is stupid too. They did something similar on the Canadian version, and that was really dumb too. All I can say right now is, “Go Glenn!”

We end the week with the start of the next HoH challenge, which involves the teams racing, relay style, over balance beams to get berries into four columns. The first team with forty berries will get to decide who will go for the special blueberry to win HoH. The catch is, if anyone falls off the beam, they’re out of the competition, and the column they’re working on will be emptied. This is a longer challenge, so we’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out who won HoH. That episode can’t come soon enough! Staying away from the spoiler sites is going to be very difficult for me this weekend.

So based on everything that happened this week, I really hope that Team Day doesn’t win HoH, because I really want Paul to be the next one to go, and after the blow up between him and Bronte, I’m sure I won’t be the only one feeling that way. Victor may also need to be worried because of the way he treats people. Also, all-female alliances have never really worked out, but I’m hopeful for the Fatal Five, which includes every girl in the 8 Pack alliance. So far, they seem to work well together. I just hope all eight of them can keep it up. And that they’ll pull Paulie in, because he deserves it. I’m pretty sure he’s the only one in the house who isn’t in an alliance.

Who do you think will win HoH? Who do you think will be the next to go? And what do you think of this new Battle Back twist? Let me know! And I’ll see you next week!

– This article and other Big Brother-related stuff by the estimable Rebecca Griffin

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