Mind Capsules – Amazing Spider-Man #14 and Titans: Rebirth #1

Amazing Spider-Man #14
Amazing Spider-Man #14

Writer – Dan Slott, Christos Gage
Artist – Giuseppe Camuncoli
Inker – Cam Smith
Colours – Marte Gracia
Letters – VC’s Joe Caramagna

After abducting Miles and throwing him in one of his power-cloning tanks, Regent is now on a roll and looking for more heroes to add to his collection. Echoing the events of Renew Your Vows, Regent is not satisfied with just taking the villains off the street and if he is to make the city and perhaps more beyond that safe, he must be the last man standing and he will have it no other way. Though it might be happening at quite a rapid pace, Dan Slott with a little aid from Christos Gage is turning Regent into quite the power-player and as they do so, you have to know that it cannot last for long, especially as he has taken the Avengers down and with them off the grid and being as high-profile as they are, somebody is bound to come looking for them. While seeing Regent capture and use the various heroes powers is interesting, the better part of the book is its quieter moments, those where Peter, Tony Stark and Mary Jane are looking for Miles and the banter that takes place between them. The dialogue in the book is as snappy as ever and you cannot help but laugh every now and then at the theatrics between the three of them. Aside from the laughter though, the book makes you feel a little bit of yearning for those years gone by where Peter and Mary Jane were a couple. Though she does lend a bright spot to the book, Peter is still the star of the show and he proves it on more than one occasion, whether in action as Spider-Man or arguing with Tony. One thing that you do have to wonder is just why it seems Slott and Gage are racing through this story for. Could there be another, bigger arc just around the corner or do they have to make room for Civil War II by chance? One thing that never fails to happen though is the book being left off on a cliff-hanger and you really wanting to come back and see what happens next. Will Regent succeed in purging New York of its costumed defenders and villainous bad guys, or will somebody be able to stop him in his tracks, which seems almost impossible at this point? It will definitely be a lot of fun to find out.

4 out of 5

Titans Rebirth #1
Titans: Rebirth #1

Writer – Dan Abnett
Artist – Brett Booth
Inker – Norm Rapmund
Colours – Andrew Dalhouse
Letters – Carlos M. Mangual

Wally West has come back from death, or at least as close as he could have come, emerging from the Speed Force into this new Earth, one where he is younger, where his wife Linda no longer knows or is married to him and one where the Titans have forgotten him. It hurts him, perhaps more than he lets on and as he looks about his past life where he has seemingly never existed, he is confronted by the recently reformed Titans – Titans that think him an enemy. Dan Abnett and Brett Booth deliver a moving tale of reformation, one that finds a Flash thought lost to the world return and try to make things right. At first, it is Nightwing who faces Wally and while he knows who Dick is, that memory is not returned. Eventually, Nightwing makes contact with Wally and whether it is because of the Speed Force or something else, the memories come flooding back and one by one, the same happens to the rest of the Titans. The one thing that people may notice is that this is not the Teen version of the team and as such, there are some characters missing like Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg. Those present include Garth, Donna Troy, Lilith, Roy Harper and the aforementioned Dick Grayson. It is nice to see them all back together as a team once again, a step in the right direction on DC’s part in this new post-52 universe. This also happens to be one of the few books where some actual movement was made on furthering the events of the Rebirth one-shot. If Wally can make these men and women remember him and quite possibly the time before, can he do it for others? If so, how long until he makes that happen or will that simply lead into the next big event to hit the DCU? There are many questions that arise from this issue and though Abnett fails to get into them, he does leave you wanting more and not due to the quality of story which was good in and of itself, but more from the sense of history and familiarity of the characters. Nostalgia is a good thing to play upon and Abnett does so masterfully. A great start to a book and a team that have been absent a very long time.

4 out of 5

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  1. I really enjoyed The Amazing Spider-Man #14 as well, thought it was a exciting issue, and the dialogue sparkled throughout. This storyline has been really action packed and I like how Regent has become such a powerful foe. Great cliff hanger as well. I checked out Titans Rebirth #1 mostly just to find out more about Wally’s story and what happened after his return. I wasn’t a big fan of the Titans during the New 52, so this was a good return to form I think. Two excellent review of two great new comics 🙂

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