Issue by Issue – Hercules Unbound #3

Hercules Unbound #3Writer – Gerry Conway
Artist – José Luis García-López
Inker – Wally Wood

Hercules and Kevin must make a decision about whether to venture into Hades to save the life of Jennifer Monroe, one of the survivors they came across of late. As it is, there really is no choice when the life of an innocent is at stake and so the two make their way down and are promptly attacked when they reach the River Styx. While they battle, a man named Orpheus – the very same Orpheus from Greek myth, sits and watches as the two do battle. It is a fight that looks to be lost, that is until Kevin convinces Orpheus to get involved and the tide turns. The reader is soon told the story of Orpheus and his lost love Eurydice and then witness Cerebus meet up with Pluto and his wife Persephone. While at first Cerebus seemed to be just another foe, Gerry Conway transforms him into a tragic figure and though he fights on the side of evil, you have to empathize with him just a little bit. Once Hercules and Cerebus finally meet, words are exchanged, but even more so are the blows that threaten to topple the palace of Pluto. The book is packed full of excitement and action and it is all delineated quite perfectly courtesy of José Luis García-López and Wally Wood yet again. The two have a knack for making the fantastic seem doubly so and the story would not be as thrilling if it were not for them. Though it is always a good thing to see Hercules taking his ire out upon his villains, it is the mystery of Kevin that immediately grabs your attention when this book starts out, the boy unafraid to descend into Hell when most men would be quaking in their boots. It stuns Hercules a little, but he is slowly coming around to the idea that there is something special with Kevin, something that might not ever be explained, but glad that his companion is as fearless as he is. Conway continues to add in more mystery when Orpheus is introduced and that continual element of suspense and guesswork which has been present from the first issue is one of the better things that Conway continues to do to keep readers hooked and reading the book. Still, With Hercules still on the hunt for Ares, you cannot help but want to come back and find out if the next book will be the one where his vengeance is fulfilled.

4 out of 5

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