Sunday Sessions – Hellfest 2016

Hellfest-2016One of the best metal festivals the world has to offer is taking place this very weekend in France, that annual event called Hellfest.  This year finds many of the bands that metalheads have come to know and love including Black Sabbath, Korn, Testament, Napalm Death, Rammstein, Refused, Twisted Sister, Disturbed, Dropkick Murphys, The Offspring, Bring Me the Horizon, Volbeat, Killswitch Engage and more.  There have already been a few exciting moments, perhaps the greatest one being Tarja joining Within Temptation for a duet on Paradise (What About Us).  Two of the genre’s strongest women teaming up is truly a sight to behold and they did not disappoint.  With one day of performances left, there are sure to be some more fantastic shows with Slayer, Megadeath and Sabbath ending the day off on the main stage.  There are other festivals featuring the same caliber of talent, but none quite reach the epic proportions that Hellfest seems to deliver up on a yearly basis.  This genre might not be to everyone’s taste, but it remains so for a lot of people and it proves that there is a place for those that still like their music just a little heavier than normal.

Bullet for My Valentine

The Offspring




Within Temptation & Tarja

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