Saturday Soundtracks – Suspiria

For fans of horror, there are few soundtracks that are better than that of Suspiria, composed by Goblin – a progressive rock band out of Italy and a frequent collaborator on Dario Argento’s films. From the very first track, named after the movie, Goblin takes you down some dark paths, calling to mind the score from Halloween which would be released the following year. With their haunting use of keyboards, each song is quite memorable in and of itself and while the title track and Witch are quite incredible, it is Opening to the Sighs which steals the show more than any other.  A few of the latter tracks are not quite as good and there are a few alternate versions of Suspiria which add little but are interesting in and of themselves and yet overall, they all manage to make this quite a unique listening experience.  Composers who are trying to make an effective score for a horror film could learn a lot from listening to Goblin’s many offerings over the years, particularly the way they can create mood and atmosphere even without the visuals of the movie. A truly inspiring and somewhat disturbing, listening experience.


1. Suspiria
2. Witch
3. Opening To The Sighs
4. Sighs
5. Markos
6. Black Forest
7. Blind Concert
8. Death Valzer
9. Suspiria (Narration)
10. Markos (Alternate Version)
11. Suspiria (Intro)
12. Suspiria (Daemonia version)

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