Issue by Issue – Skull the Slayer #8

Skull the Slayer #8Writer – Bill Mantlo
Artist – Sal Buscema
Inker – Sonny Trinidad
Colours – G. Roussos
Letters – Denise Wohl

Skull and his companions – Ann, Jeff and Dr. Cory, still find themselves the guests of the golden city and its leader, former Navy pilot Victor Cochran. As they have just overthrown the villain of the past issue, the Jaguar Priest who attempted to seize power, they now sit around and relax, learning of Cochran and he of them. All seems fine until they once again find themselves under attack by the very same priest who has escaped and tries once again to overthrow the kingdom and at that point, leaves the book on a cliff-hanger with our hero defeated. The great thing about this title is that it is expertly written by Bill Mantlo and drawn quite phenomenally by Sal Buscema with a little help from Sonny Trinidad. That also brings us to the worst thing about the story and that is the fact that it is the very last issue of the series and it was left on a major cliff-hanger with no answers in sight. In fact, the book does little to end any of the ongoing plotlines, whether to do with Skull and his friends, with the strange Time Tower, the aliens, the robots or of the man known as Lancer with his vendetta against our hero. Everything just grinds to a halt with that last page and for readers who were picking the book up monthly at the time; they must have been quite displeased that they were to never have a proper ending. What story there was – was good. We got to see everyone in action again and learn a bit about where they are, but you can tell that Mantlo never knew the title was about to end due to the abruptness of it all. Suffice it to say, while the book did leave off with everything unresolved, it would continue in a couple of issues of Marvel Two-In-One. Would it tie everything up – not quite, but it would at least give a little closure to those who had been following this title for the eight issues that it lasted. Skull the Slayer was a fun title that was cut short far before its time, but one that is remembered fondly.

3.5 out of 5

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