Not Like the Classic – Little Dead Rotting Hood (2016)

Little Dead Rotting Hood had almost all of the tools to make a good film and while it was not terrible by any means, it could have been a whole lot better. The basic story about werewolves and the guardians of the forest who keep them in check is a good one yet when it came time to deliver a script, the dialogue was lacking and it, along with some of the very shoddy special effects, hampered the movie more than anything else. Little Dead Rotting Hood 4Add to that a title that is not exactly a draw for the average viewer and Little Dead Rotting Hood is likely to pass many a person by.

As stated, the story is decent and it finds lead actor Eric Balfour trying to find out why there are so many wolf attacks and just what it is he can do about it. He soon learns more than he wants, about said wolves and about Samantha who is the woman in question that the title refers to. Eventually, after a lot of investigating and listening to fairy-tales, Balfour’s character watches a group of men transform right in front of his eyes and he realizes that he may have stumbled upon more than he can handle. Balfour is good and surprisingly, so is the rest of the cast. While the script might have been lacking, the players of this feature were actually pretty decent and made the best with what they were given. Little Dead Rotting Hood 2Our heroine, Bianca A. Santos who played Samantha was also quite compelling and other than Balfour, was the draw of the whole thing.  In a very unexpected bit of casting, you will see Marina Sirtis as the woman who passes down her mantle of guardian to Samantha.

Like vampires and zombies, werewolf movies are now becoming more and more common and you had to know that at some point, The Asylum was going to jump on the bandwagon. The funny thing about this feature is that it was actually a very decent film despite its faults, something The Asylum is not exactly known for. What The Asylum is known for are very cheap looking movies made on zero budget and while a lot of that was on display, they actually came through on this one .Though the movie will not be to everyone’s tastes, thanks to director Jared Cohn and the cast, Little Dead Rotting Hood is better than you would automatically think it is and worth a glance if you enjoy bad/good B movies.

2.5 out of 5
Little Dead Rotting Hood 1  Little Dead Rotting Hood 3

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  1. My boyfriend and I watched Little Dead Rotting Hood and it was an amazing movie unlike Daddy’s Little Girl it wasn’t disturbing I love how they a hero and villains I hope they come out with a second one to continue the story

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