Saturday Soundtracks – The Phantom of the Opera (Original Cast)

The Phantom of the Opera has been made into many films, but when one usually thinks of it, it is the musical as conceived by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Charles Hart and Richard Stilgoe that comes to mind. It is one of the greatest musicals ever made with its lavish sets, incredibly moving story, not to mention some of the most memorable songs to ever grace the stage. It has been staged around the world with many different casts over the past few decades with some runs lasting more than twenty-five years. What is also quite remarkable is that it is only one of the only plays to ever receive a sequel in Love Never Dies, a production that would ultimately fail to live up to its predecessor, but was not altogether all that bad. There have been many people who have taken on the role of Christine and The Phantom, though maybe none more famous than the two who originated the roles in Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford. Though the subject material is ultimately a little dour at times, especially being a love story with redemptive qualities, when one listens to the soundtrack after having seen the show performed live, you cannot help but have a smile upon your face as the experience is a truly magical moment. The Phantom of the Opera is a show one must see at least once in their lifetime if possible and a soundtrack any true fan of the theater must own.


Prologue (The Stage Of Paris Opera House, 1905)
Think Of Me
Angel Of Music
Little Lotte…/ The Mirror… (Angel Music)
The Phantom Of The Opera
The Music Of The Night
I Remember…/ Stranger Than You Dream It…
Magical Lasso
Poor Fool, He Makes Me Laugh
Why Have You Brought Me Here
All I Ask Of You
All I Ask Of You (Reprise)
Entr’Acte (Act Two – Six Months Later)
Masquerade / Why So Silent
Notes …/ Twisted Every Way
Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
Wandering Child …/ Bravo, Monsieur …
The Point Of No Return
Down Once More …/ Track Down This Murderer …

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