Big Brother Canada Season 4 Ep.11 – Double Eviction!

bbcan11Welcome to Double Eviction night! Not only will Kelsey hopefully leave the house, but someone else will too! Sort of. All week we’ve been hearing about a fake double eviction, and my thought has been, “please let it be the second one that’s fake!” But it looks like I don’t have to worry quite so much just yet, because what’s actually going to happen is that two people will be evicted, but they’ll both live in a special suite for a week before one of them will go back into the house next week. Exciting! It’ll be interesting to see how they’d fare after being out of the house for so long.

For now, let’s go see the house guests. Both Kelsey and Raul find it hard to campaign against each other, so their fellow house guests do it for them. Mitch actually tells Raul to lay low, as he’ll be seen as fake if he pushes too hard. Tim wants chaos to reign supreme in the house so that he can continue to fly under the radar, and Kelsey basically equals chaos. She’s a bigger target than him and Cassandra, so if she stays, they’ll be golden for a little while longer. Cassandra thinks that the other girls want Kelsey out because they’re jealous that she’s hotter than they are. Um, no Cassandra. They want her out because Kelsey is a mean girl, and only mean girls like other mean girls. So she’d better watch her back too.

And shockingly, Jared talks about possibly wanting Kelsey out, because he’s jealous of her flirting with other guys, and that jealousy is distracting him from the game. I don’t blame him. No, they’re not actually dating, but it’s clear that they would be if it was up to him, and it’s also clear that Kelsey doesn’t feel the same way. She tries to play off her flirting with Phil as a method of keeping the boys close so that they won’t turn on her and Jared. Pretty sure Jared doesn’t believe that for a second. He’s really frustrated with the whole thing. I like to hope that once she’s gone, he’ll be able to actually play the game properly and make healthier moves to get him further.

In another weird moment, Maddy pulls Phil aside to tell him that she needs space from Nick. She doesn’t want him to tell Nick, doesn’t even want Nick to know, but she needs space which is weird as every time we’ve seen them before this, she’s been the one encouraging Nick to forget about his brother and just have fun cuddling and whatever. This seems really out of left field, but Phil takes advantage of the situation by pulling Nick in with Maddy right there and telling him what she’s just said. Nick, clearly upset, basically just gets up and walks away. This makes me angry with both Maddy and Phil. Nick seems like a pretty great guy, and Maddy pulling a 180 is really weird. I’m more disappointed in Phil though, for hurting his own brother “for his own good.” Yes, I believe Nick should know that Maddy apparently is suddenly not into him, but his brother could’ve chosen a much better way to break the news.

Phil’s mind is on the game though. He’s leaning toward voting Kelsey out because he figures if she’s gone, he can get closer to Jared. He hints as much to Tim and Cassandra, but when he doesn’t tell them what he’s thinking, Tim just gets angry and basically tells him off. Phil isn’t fazed. He doesn’t trust Tim or Cassandra, so he’s not going to give them info they can use against him. She does go back to him later on though, to tell him why he should vote out Raul – because Raul will come after them if he stays. Phil agrees that Raul would go after her and Tim, but he doesn’t think he’d be in too much danger. Still, he’s not sure what to do. With Kelsey gone, he can get closer to Jared, but she’d never put him up on the block, so he’d have security there.

In the end, the vote is 6-2 for Kelsey to go, so out she goes. Good riddance, Kelsey! And in one last bitchy move, she steals Maddy’s rubber duck and justifies it by saying that Maddy has been mean to her the whole time, so she’s just getting revenge. According to her, she’s been nothing but nice to Maddy, which I find very suspect. Here’s hoping she won’t get back into the house.

The HoH competition is the typical HoH, PoV or Have Not competition, in which house guests go head to head to guess which kind of competition is being described. Maddy ultimately wins and shocks no one when she nominates Raul and Jared. But what is shocking is that neither of these two are her actual target. Loveita has apparently lied to her twice – once which we’ve seen when Loveita told her some bogus news about Sharry – so she wants her out. Once again, she’s acting odd, which Dallas tells her when he tells her it’s stupid to not go after Jared since he’s so strong. But she’s determined.

Nick, Joel and Tim also join in on the PoV competition, in which the players have to travel on roller skates – tied together so they can’t go fast – from a punch bowl to a tube, carrying fruit punch in a ladle. The first person to fill it up and get their ball out will win. It’s a close game between Tim and Nick but Nick wins and decides to take Jared off the block. Not surprising, since the brothers want to work with him. Maddy puts up Loveita in his place, and then it’s time to vote again. Only Joel and Dallas vote to save her. Cassandra is clearly elated to evict her rival, and Ramsey looks heartbroken to have to vote her out, but he does so to avoid the wrath of Raul. So Loveita is out too.

So that’s five women in a row, and she tells Arisa that this is because they’re all alpha females, and no one wants to take a back seat, so they’re all at each other’s’ throats which is somewhat true, though I didn’t see Paige or Christine that way. Even Sharry seemed like more of a beta. So basically, they picked off the betas first and then went after the other alphas.

Anyway, now it’s time for the girls to head into their secret suite. Loveita looks pumped to do it, but Kelsey looks almost disappointed. I wonder if she’d reconciled the fact that she’d lost and now doesn’t know how to deal with the idea of possibly going back in. Or maybe she doesn’t like the idea of possibly having to face the other house guests again. I’m not sure, but they head into their suite, where they’ll get to watch the other house guests and sometimes hear them and even sometimes control them. It’s super awkward. Loveita tries to break the ice, but Kelsey doesn’t seem to want any of it. Here’s hoping things between them will thaw a little or else the next week is going to be an extremely long one for them. I’d love to see the two of them actually bond and share information so that the one going back in will be able to do so with a different perspective, one that will help them get further in the game.

What did you think about the episode? Who do you think will be the one to go back into the house? And who will win the next HoH? I can’t wait to find out. See you on Sunday!

– This article and other Big Brother-related stuff by the estimable Rebecca Griffin

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  1. Great review. Mitch is becoming a little mastermind lurking in the shadows. I was surprised Loveita got evicted, but loved that Kelsey did. I agree with you there, she’s a mean girl. The brothers and Jared could align to form the strongest alliance. That’d be interesting. I agree about the alpha women voted out stuff as bullshit too. At least 1 will reenter the house. I’m rooting for Love…. and Tim 😉

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    • So surprised that Loveita got evicted, and I definitely think Maddy made a mistake. I’m loving Mitch though. I hope he can make it to the end. I think he can as long as everyone else remains unaware of his manipulations. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when one of the girls gets back in. I’m hoping it’ll be Loveita. I don’t think Jared would be too happy either if Kelsey gets back in, now that he’s able to play the game on his own.

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      • I hope Loveita comes back too. I think Maddy’s days are numbered. She just proved she’s playing for herself regardless of what her alliance wants. I hope Jared’s strategy continues to develop. If he makes the right allies he could be around until the end and a real threat to win.

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      • I think Maddy’s played herself into a corner. No one will trust her now so she won’t be able to join any alliances. The only thing she’s got going for her now is the fact that there are so many big targets in the house, but once they’re gone, she’ll be the one to get rid of. Or she’ll be the replacement nominee and could go out that way. I definitely think Jared, the brothers, and Mitch could go far if they form a low-key alliance. And once the brothers are able to separate and play on their own, they’ll be an even bigger force to mess with. It could take them to the end.

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