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Paul Dupin is on the Case – The Mystery of Marie Roget (1942)

The Mystery of Marie Roget 1
The Mystery of Marie Roget from 1942 is a film adaptation based upon the same story by author Edgar Allan Poe and a sequel to his tale, Murders in the Rue Morgue. It is a decent little thriller, filled with nominal suspense and some good acting, but even for the time when it was released, it seemed a little tame compared to other films. The Mystery of Marie Roget 21If this were released in present day, it would simply be an average episode of some procedural, yet as it stands, it was entertaining enough thanks to the performances of the cast and not necessarily the material.

Starring Patric Knowles in the role of Detective Paul Dupin, he must solve a couple of murders and while things may not be so apparent on the surface, the man eventually deduces what has happened and brings the film to a satisfying conclusion. The Mystery of Marie Roget 13Knowles plays opposite Lloyd Corrigan whom he works with to solve the crime and the film would also feature Maria Montez, a woman whose star would soon be on the rise, and after achieving said stardom, would pass away not long after. Adding a little sass to the picture and the light comedy that was prevalent throughout would be Maria Ouspenskaya, a woman that could always be counted upon for a good performance. Along with a few others, they would make the material shine brighter than it would have been without them, not that it was essentially weak – simply average.

Unless one is a big Poe fan, there is little reason to seek out this little film which runs for just over an hour. It was not bad by any standard, but it could have been far better than it was. A great cast making the most of average material.

2.5 out of 5
The Mystery of Marie Roget 6

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