Big Brother Canada Ep.4 – Let the Drama Begin!

Let’s get ready for some drama! Once the first eviction is over, the game goes one of two ways: if the first HoH eliminated or nominated someone that no one cared about, the house is quiet and relatively drama free. But if that HoH goes against the grain and tries to make a big move the first time around, he or she better be careful, because people will be out to get him or her, as is the case this week. Loveita didn’t back up her nomination to get rid of Kelsey, so not only is Kelsey still in the house, but every person on her side (and there are a lot of them) now want revenge for her. And thus, Loveita and her right hand man Sharry, are on the block.

Of course, if you were to ask these two, they’d say that Jared’s nominations are bogus. They’re both angry at the nominations, and Sharry still insists that it’s unfair for Jared to loop her into Loveita’s mess. She’s her own person! Why should she be punished for something that Loveita did? Other people voted for Kelsey too!

Yes, and Kelsey and Jared are working on that too, but we’ll come back to that in a minute. I know that some of you like Sharry, but I think she’s being a little bit ridiculous right now. Yes, others also voted to get rid of Kelsey, but it’s very clear that she and Loveita made the decision to target Kelsey together. She was in Loveita’s ear the whole time, and from what I could tell, it wasn’t as if that was a secret. Now she’s paying the price for her part in the whole fiasco, and it kind of serves her right. She and Loveita are both playing victim here, and it’s not attractive.

Speaking of Loveita, she says that if she wins the veto, she’ll use it on Sharry instead of herself, because she doesn’t want to play the game without her best friend in the house. She doesn’t want to be here anymore because it’s a sneaky game. Uh, yeah Loveita…. that’s kind of how the game works. Have you never seen the show? It always blows my mind when people are surprised when the game starts to get real. And Kelsey and Jared aren’t even being sneaky! They straight up said, “You targeted us, and now we’re targeting you.” It’s not that difficult to figure out.

But that’s enough ranting for now. On the other side of the house, Kelsey and Jared question Dallas about his vote, since they know that there’s one more person who tried to vote Kelsey out. Dallas denies his part in the ordeal for several minutes until Kelsey tells him she doesn’t care who voted for her. She just wants to know the truth. So he comes clean and says he’d thought he could play both sides of the house, and he’d made a mistake. Personally, I’d take that admission as a bit of a sign that he truly feels bad about what he did. Maybe I’m naive. But it just makes Kelsey and Jared want him out now too. He’d lied to them all week! Yeah, and you just said that you didn’t care about it. That was clearly a lie too. I’m not a huge fan of either side of the situation. I think they’re all being a little ridiculous.

But enough drama for now. Now it’s time for hide and seek! Nikki is it and Phil, Tim, Maddy and Ramsey go hide. Tim cheats a little in that he keeps moving, even after Nikki has found him, but Phil has the best spot. With a little help from Jared, he puts a towel on his head and jumps into the shower, pretending to be drying off. She walks right by him, and it wins him the game. That would’ve been a fun live feed to watch.

Speaking of Tim, to my delight, just about everyone loves him. He’s such a pot-stirrer. He even gets Dallas to fart in a jar, and Cassandra smells it. So childish, but it’s a great break from the drama in the house. The only one who really seems concerned about him is Mitch, who thinks he’s dangerous because he seems so harmless. He’s definitely right. Tim is a lot smarter than people think, and they’re playing right into his hands. I absolutely love it. On the other hand, everyone thinks Nikki is a loose cannon, which annoys some people. She seems somewhat manic—one second she’s super happy, and the next she’s bawling her eyes out. It’s a little exhausting.

Next up is the PoV challenge! Joining the HoH and nominees are Christine, Mitch and Phil in a game called Flip It to Win It, powered by the Brick. Michael Bell, who apparently is in a bunch of Brick commercials, emcees the challenge. The back yard is filled with all sorts of furniture, and the players have to search the furniture for keys that will fit into one of three boxes, which open up a door each. The three people who find a key will get to move on to the next round. Christine is the first to find a key, followed by Loveita and Mitch, who didn’t even remotely want to win. He wants to lay low.

In the second part of the challenge, the players are asked questions about details in the room and the furniture. They need to run through the room to find the answer and then ring in first to respond. The first person to five points wins the veto and $5000 from the Brick. Christine takes an early lead, but then Loveita catches up, and after that, it’s neck and neck until ultimately, Christine wins the challenge. She then gets the chance to double her money by guessing which of three cushions the extra $5000 is under, and she wins that too! I think it’s sweet that she plans on spending most of that money on her kids. She seems like a really great mom.

Now she’s got a choice to make though. Does she use the veto on one of the girls? They get notice that Tim and Nikki will also be voting this week, so now the veto is even more important. Loveita tries to make a deal with Christine, but she doesn’t really have a whole lot to offer. Their whole plan is for one of them to come off the block and then try to get everyone to vote against the replacement by rounding up the floaters. It’s a half-baked idea, but Christine is considering saving one of them, particularly Sharry, since she’s an aggressive player and would therefore have the biggest target on her back. She needs to talk to Jared and Kelsey too though, and they tell her that if she takes one of them down, they’ll put up Dallas in their place, since they don’t trust him anymore, after the lies. So it sounds like Christine is fine, whether she uses the veto or not.

Meanwhile, Tim and Nikki are trying to figure out what to do now that they’ve got to vote. They’d just been coasting before, but now they can’t. They talk to Raul about the possibility of splitting the vote so that they won’t rock the boat, and that just pisses Raul off. He sees it as them not wanting to play, and that annoys him, which makes me fear a tiny bit for Tim, since Raul is in an alliance with Kelsey and Jared. Hopefully it won’t turn Raul against him. He basically tells them that they need to play. I can’t wait to see who they vote for.

The Veto ceremony rolls around, and Christine decides not to use it on either nominee. So that means that Loveita or Sharry will go home tomorrow night. My money is on Loveita, though I do think it’s kind of admirable that she doesn’t want to campaign against her friend. Sharry, on the other hand, has no problem campaigning to stay in the house. I think if the house guests were smart, they’d get rid of Sharry, since she’s the more cunning player. If she can figure out how to keep herself in the game for a few more weeks, she could end up going to the end. I don’t think the same could be said about Loveita. But, chances are, they’ll boot Loveita out, since she was the ringleader in targeting Kelsey.

I have no idea who is going to win the game though. A lot will depend on who wins the next HoH. Team Kelsey has a higher chance, since there are more of them, but I wouldn’t put it past Sharry to come out on top. If she does, I think she’ll try to work with Kelsey and Jared and target the floaters.

What do you think is going to happen? Who will be evicted? Who will win the next HoH? Share your predictions! And I’ll see you tomorrow night.

– This article and other Big Brother-related stuff by the estimable Rebecca Griffin

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