Mind Capsules – Starve #6 and The Mighty Thor #4

Starve #6
Starve #6

Writer – Brian Wood
Artist – Danijel Zezelj
Colours – Dave Stewart
Letters – Steve Wands

The latest issue of Starve is quite the interesting one because after the book went on break in the real world, so too was there a time-jump in the story that sees our lead character go through something of a life-change. Gavin is completely different to what we have seen before, maybe not entirely as all that, but as anyone who knows him, the man would seem like a stranger. There is still a bit of the self-confidence present, a lot of it actually, but after having been stabbed by his wife Greer, Brian Wood and Danijel Zezelj portray Gavin more rejuvenated than ever and a man that is forgiving in nature. When Gavin first came back to the world, he was a man that had been out of the public spotlight for quite some time and a man used to doing whatever he wanted when he wanted without a care for anything. Then he got his show back, his daughter and the life he thought he had lost and it still was leaving him unfulfilled. A knife to the insides though, tends to change a man and so it is with him. While many would not do as such, Gavin forgives his wife, agrees to the divorce and lets her keep all the money and everything else. It is shocking to say the least, especially the end of the book which is not so much a cliff-hanger, but the beginning of a new chapter that could literally lead anywhere. Not too many writers would change their main character so much in the course of one short issue, but it will definitely make things interesting going forward in both Gavin’s life and those who live in his orbit. The artwork by Zezelj is just as strong as it was during that first arc and it really suits this dim vision of the future that these creators are trying to paint. It is not a happy one and if there is one thing that is perhaps lacking in this series, it is an exploration of it. Overall, a pretty good issue by everyone involved that continues to hold your interest with a very solid premise.

3.5 out of 5

The Mighty Thor #4
The Mighty Thor #4

Writer – Jason Aaron
Artist – Russell Dauterman
Colours – Matthew Wilson
Letters – VC’s Joe Sabino

Malekith’s forces are doing a great job at wiping the Light Elves from existence and it is because of this that Queen Aelsa has decided to parley for peace, which as anyone knows, is not going to turn out the way that she wanted. Thor knows that nothing good can come of it and when all is said and done, though it might look good on paper, Aelsa has agreed to marry Malekith to unite their peoples. It was an unexpected ending by Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman but by no means was it the end of the book as the plot involving Odin and Freya became much more interesting with her being on trial for treason. Aaron has been building up this confrontation for a long time now, ever since he brought Odin back as a matter of fact. Odin has been a changed man for whatever reason, whether it has to do with the influence of his brother Cul or maybe death affected him in a way it never had previously, and as such, he has been hard and unforgiving like never before. Of course, Aaron takes Thor back to Asgard and perhaps just in time as well, for riots have erupted outside between its citizens and Cul’s men while inside, Odin is about to punish Freya for her perceived sins. Throughout both storylines in the book, there is constant tension that never lets up and both Dauterman and Aaron pack the book so full of action that the pace never lets up for a second. Whoever doubted that a female Thor could not be as good as the currently displaced Odinson only has to read this series. Aaron has been crafting a very fine tale through three separate volumes now and not once has the story ever suffered or been less than exciting. With a truly exceptional ending that is guaranteed to keep you coming back for more, the book continues to be one of Marvel’s very best.

4 out of 5

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