Mind Capsules – Squadron Supreme #4 and Extraordinary X-Men #7

Squadron Supreme #4
Squadron Supreme #4

Writer – James Robinson
Artist – Leonard Kirk
Inker – Paul Neary, Marc Deering
Colours – Frank Martin
Letters – VC’s Travis Lanham

Brought to Weirdworld by Thundra and her new friend Tyndall, star of the original Weirdworld stories from many moons past, the team finds that their powers are on the fritz and at the worst possible time as they face off against Arkon. It is then that James Robinson delivers the team their first surprise in the form of Power Princess who betrays them.  Suddenly they learn that she is not actually who she said she was but somebody else and truth be told, it is quite a fun surprise on the author’s part. The second big reveal happens not long after and it is then that Robinson introduces the big villain who is none other than Doctor Druid, a long thought dead Avenger and yet somehow, mysteriously alive. Now that he is on Weirdworld, Doctor Druid has found out that he has quite a bit of power at his disposal and has decided to carve out a little kingdom of his own. That power is not as natural as many would believe, for while Druid always possessed it in measure, it was not until he tortured poor Ogeode into creating a crystal large enough that he was able to expand his sphere of influence and because of that, nobody is able to resist except a slight few. Leonard Kirk with a little assistance in the inking and colouring department, continues to provide some solid pencils and while his style may not be as detailed as others, he still generates some exciting action sequences in-between all of the compelling drama and intrigue. The addition of Thundra to the cast is a good one, if she indeed sticks around and it is good to see Tyndall again – at least for those that remember him. Also in this book is Modred the Mystic who has been seen in a previous issue and here we find him serving Druid which is to be expected given the events that occur. While most of the books that have crossed over into Weirdworld have done so by mandate, which you can tell as the stories feel rushed and clumsy, this one had a natural progression and it ultimately works, though by the end you would rather see the team on Earth and doing the things they said they would do in the first issue of the series. Good, but not great.

3.5 out of 5

Extraordinary X-Men #7
Extraordinary X-Men #7

Writer – Jeff Lemire
Artist – Victor Ibanez
Colours – Jay David Ramos
Letters – VC’s Joe Caramagna

Another Weirdworld event! Not quite, but Jeff Lemire and Victor Ibanez take some of the team to the newest corner of the Marvel Universe when they discover that Sunfire and some other mutants have shown up on their radar as being there. The team is a little wary due to past events involving Sunfire and Cyclops, specifically whatever went down in that mysterious time-gap that has not been shown or explained yet. Jean and Storm meanwhile have stayed behind back at X-Haven with Nightcrawler so that they can get to the bottom of the problems he has been having. The mission goes as well as can be expected though nobody trusts Sunfire in the slightest, least of all Wolverine. They do encounter a strange villain who makes a prediction before Magik dispatches him and it should make for some interesting events coming up. Both plotlines that are present in the book are good, though the one featuring Nightcrawler is a little sappy at times and while Lemire writes a good story, the atrocities that Nightcrawler witnessed that essentially broke his mind for a time are not anything that is exactly new when it comes to mutants and their kind. Again, it was written well and nobody should get used to seeing another human being murdered, but the X-Men including Nightcrawler have seen so much death, Nightcrawler included, that it almost seemed like an overreaction on his part, though of course, it was not. One of the better things that this book has been doing is putting a bigger spotlight on Jean and showing just how well she is coming into her powers now. Seeing stories take place on Weirdworld is always a good thing, but in this particular case, it felt like it was shoehorned in. Such as it is, Lemire makes it work, but in this case, any old location on Earth would have sufficed and not impacted the story in the slightest. This was a good issue overall, it just felt like some things were unnecessary and tied up too quickly.

3 out of 5

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