Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – Indie/Pop/Folk Compilation, February 2016

alexrainbird delivers up a mix for February with a group of artists you may not have heard of, but some of the best indie, pop and folk songs out there creating one incredible listening experience.


0:00 Hugo Hans – Wildrunners
2:40 Jesse Ruben – This Is Why I Need You
6:20 Yalta Club – LOVE
9:56 Cinders – I Could Do Better
14:47 Firewoodisland – Winter Is Coming
18:38 East Love – Try
22:10 Tomo Nakayama – Cold Clear Moon
25:47 Flights Over Phoenix – Runaway California
28:53 The Unknown Neighbour – Little Boy
32:18 Austin Adams – Lost In Love
35:38 Fond Of Rudy – Are You Ready?
43:04 Benjamin Poss – Insomnia
47:11 Sonder Saloon – Who You Are
50:03 New Portals – Do It Right
53:30 Gryff – Halcyon
57:44 MOOD ROBOT – Drip
1:01:13 Freejays – Almost There
1:07:01 BLOW – The Devil Remembers Me
1:10:42 Ladybug And The Wolf – Firefly
1:14:41 Tomo Nakayama – Shadows


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