Mind Capsules – All-New Inhumans #3 and Uncanny Inhumans #4

All-New Inhumans #3
All-New Inhumans #3

Writer – James Asmus, Charles Soule
Artist – Stefano Caselli
Colours – Andres Mossa
Letters – VC’s Clayton Cowles

It was strange that as the Terrigen Cloud passed over the People’s Republic of Sin-Cong that there were no reports of new Inhumans and stranger still when Crystal arrived to find none, like it was being covered up.  After bedding down for the night things became even more confounding when Crystal and her team all experienced the same dream.  With a little deductive reasoning, the Inhumans decide that it must be one of their own trying to reach out to them and so it is that Swain, the new Inhuman introduced in this series, puts herself under to investigate and find out if their suspicions are true.  One of the things that really manages to stand out about this book is how different it feels from the other Inhumans title.  Perhaps it is due to the different cast or the mission they are on, but it is a book that seems a little tenser at its core as this team does their job.  James Asmus and Charles Soule are crafting a very suspenseful tale with this arc and they present the Inhumans with a danger they have rarely faced, one that must be treated with extreme caution so that an international incident can be avoided.  The new Inhuman that is discovered is also unlike any they have met before and seems quite dangerous due to his immense power.  So now Crystal faces threats from two sides – that of the new Inhuman and from the Commissar who is hiding the truth of what happened within his country.  Both are extremely dangerous, but of the two it is the Commissar who might be the more deadly of the two, for not only can he hurt them physically, but he can ruin their relations with other nations across the Earth and hinder their mission.  The continual star of the show is the artwork by Stefano Caselli which literally puts almost all of the other Marvel books to shame.  The man can draw anything and make it all look absolutely beautiful, whether it is Crystal herself or the horror of the newly found Inhuman, simply put – his work is stunning.  With a big cliff-hanger, it remains to be seen how our heroes are going to get out the situation they find themselves in, but it should be worth the wait.

4 out of 5

Uncanny Inhumans #4
Uncanny Inhumans #4

Writer – Charles Soule
Artist – Steve McNiven
Inker – Jay Leisten
Colours – Sunny Gho
Letters – VC’s Clayton Cowles

The quest for Ahura, the son of Black Bolt and Medusa, ends here or more specifically, in the city of Attilan, thirteen thousand years in the past.  From the very first, Charles Soule has made this book one about family and this last chapter of the first story arc delivers on that premise as Black Bolt, Medusa, Triton and more head to the past to rescue Ahura from Kang and the devastating fate the monster had in store for him.  Emotions are running wild and tension is high among both parties and Ahura is angry with his parents, angrier than he has ever been before, but not so much as was previously seen when he was an old man and had erased the Inhuman race from all of history.  Now, while he is young, the Inhumans have a chance to reason with Ahura before Kang and Randac can influence him in any way.  Though our heroes win out in the end and Ahura comes home, it does not mean that everything has worked out for the better.  Black Bolt and Medusa are still separated and what that means for Attilan and the Inhuman race going forward is unknown, but they have been making due of late with only Medusa as queen and should that be the way of things, then Soule will have to give Black Bolt some sort of purpose.  With Kang out of the picture thanks to Ahura and what seems like for good, it will be interesting to see just what new villains might turn up to plague the Inhumans.  The standard Marvel bad guys do not seem up to the task and with the All-New Inhumans book taking a different approach to their foes, perhaps this book will as well.  With some fantastic artwork by Charles Soule and Jay Leisten, the best the series has seen so far, the book is definitely a must-read, especially for fans of the Inhuman Royal Family.

4 out of 5

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