Sunday Sessions – Garbage

With over twenty years together as a band behind them, there is still no other group that quite sounds like them or they like anyone else and it continues to make Garbage stand out from the pack to this very day. Though they are essentially a rock band, there are at least a half-dozen types of musical styles or more to be found within their music, forgoing anything traditional and thus giving it a timeless aspect at the same time. It is that sound, not to mention the very striking Shirley Manson in both looks and attitude that helped them rise to stardom. If they had just come out with the same generic rock sound as a million other bands did during the mid-nineties, there is no doubt that in 2016, few would remember them. After celebrating the twentieth anniversary of their debut album with a tour called 20 Years Queer, there is talk of a new album on the horizon – one that is nearly finished as well as a new tour in support of it. Hopefully Garbage will be around for another twenty years and still making incredible music for all to enjoy.

Live in Madison, WI 2015

MTV World Stage Monterrey 2012

One Mile High



Version 2.0

Beautiful Garbage

Not Your Kind of People

Bleed Like Me

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