Mind Capsules – The Ultimates #3 and The Totally Awesome Hulk #2

The Ultimates #3
The Ultimates #3

Writer – Al Ewing
Artist – Kenneth Rocafort
Colours – Dan Brown
Letters – VC’s Joe Sabino

The Ultimates have cured Galactus of his all-consuming hunger, that which caused him to feed and drain the life-energy of planets throughout the universe. The problem is that not everybody is happy about it, specifically the Shi’ar. It is not the fact that Galactus has become a restorative force in the galaxy now, it was the fact that the Shi’ar were not consulted about what was going to go down and as it is too late to put the genie in the bottle so to speak, the only recourse is to move forward. With one major problem in the Marvel Universe taken care of, it is time to move on to the next one which is even bigger – to fix time! Al Ewing has been doing a fantastic job on this book and it seems to be the title where things that need to be set right are going to be taking place here, which is great as far as being a reader is concerned. Though Galactus probably did not essentially need fixing, again – from a reader’s perspective, he did for the sake of the 616 and so too does time, which has been broken for quite a while now. Though the damage has been built up over the years, it was Brian Michael Bendis who pointed it out and you could say in a sense, made it even worse. Now Ewing and the Ultimates are going to try and put everything back together again and it could end up being a task that is impossible to do, but the team is going to give it their best shot. While the book features all of our favourite heroes, it introduces us to a new one, specifically the new Giant-Man, one Raz Malhotra and gives us another piece of the Alpha Flight puzzle with an appearance from Puck which was very surprising to see. Little is still known about Alpha Flight as of yet and even less about this new Giant-Man, but it will be a lot of fun finding out. Blue Marvel continues to be a standout character in the book along with Ms. America who is simply fantastic and it is always great to see them get a little more of the spotlight over Captain Marvel or Black Panther as we know so little about the former and more of the latter. Some splendid pencils from Kenneth Rocafort and a very interesting cliff-hanger keep this book on the path of being the best Avengers/non-Avengers title being published today.

4 out of 5

The Totally Awesome Hulk #2
The Totally Awesome Hulk #2

Writer – Greg Pak
Artist – Frank Cho
Colours – Sonia Oback
Letters – VC’s Cory Petit

Lady Hellbender, the Monster Queen of Seknarf Nine is a formidable woman, so formidable in fact that Amadeus cannot bring himself to fight her. Also, it just so happens to be rude to hit a woman, so there is that. As the battle goes on, a couple of things happen though, one being that Amadeus forgets all those previous facts and hulks out because his sister Maddie’s life is in danger and secondly, that it all turned out to be a case of mistaken identity. It seems Lady Hellbender is not the monster they are here to catch but Fin Fang Foom, the greatest monster of all. Greg Pak, no stranger to the Hulk, is back to scribing the Jade Giant’s adventures only it turns out to be a different Hulk as Bruce Banner is missing in action at the moment. For those afraid that Pak would not address the Banner situation, he is doing so – but slowly and building tension as he does for something obviously happens to the man and knowing Pak, it should be worth the wait. As far as our new Hulk goes, Amadeus is an interesting choice and you have to wonder what Marvel had in mind when choosing him for such a prominent role. Suffice it to say, it works and as Pak knows the character so well, it is like coming back to an old friend who we never knew we missed, not to mention being a lot of fun. Part of that can be attributed to Frank Cho whose amazing pencils provide a very distinctive look for our hero. As has been shown in recent years, the Hulk takes on the characteristics of the man within and seeing the Hulk as somewhat of a surfer/hipster instead of his normal, raging self is quite the change. There is a lot of humour present, something that is also different than the norm and while many are quite angry with this new direction, it is always nice to try new things and the humour here is pretty funny and so far, Amadeus has the chops to fill the role. Will Bruce come back? Is he still the Incredible Hulk? Unknown at this point of course, but it will be interesting to find out.

4 out of 5

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