Back At It – Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (1989)

sleepaway camp 3
Pamela Springsteen returns to star as Angela in the third Sleepaway Camp entry and sadly, it just ends up as being a carbon copy from what was seen in the second film. All the tricks are the same and there is no mystery present which tends to make it a little uninteresting at this point. Sleepaway-Camp-III-4Once the killings begin, they come fast and furious as Angela once again butchers a ton of people for simply thinking and being different than herself.  Also because she is crazy.

This outing tends to be a little more violent than the last two pictures, which means that it is never boring at the very least, but it tends to be the least inventive and the most cliché of the bunch. This is a straight-up slasher where everyone gets murdered and it makes no apologies for being so. Springsteen is good, just as she was in the last film, but it is not only the film, but her performance as well that has a ‘been there, done that’ kind of atmosphere. sleepaway_camp_3There are bits of humour sprinkled throughout, but there is not tension, suspense or dread present because you know what to expect, sort of like riding the bus where a new route has sights to see, at least until you have ridden it a few times and then it just becomes monotonous. That does not mean that the film has no redeeming traits, as first time viewers might enjoy it some, but for those experienced in the horror genre, they will find nothing new here.

There is of course a ton of blood to be had, the requisite nudity and even Michael J. Pollard making out with one of the young ladies which might be more horrific than anything else in the movie. Angela manages to kill some of the campers in ways that she never did previously which was a little fun to see, but the script hampered whatever might have been good in this film as it was so terribly put together. While the first two films in this series are pretty decent, this one you can miss because you are essentially just watching number two all over again.

2.5 out of 5

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  1. When I was a kid, I loved it for the elaborate murder set pieces. The impact isn’t quite the same in retrospect. There are some performances that I still get a kick out of and some fun moments. Riff cracks me up and a few of the actresses are very attractive.

    Overall though, it feels like a weaker version of part 2.

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