Monday Mixin's

Monday Mixin’s – Timber: A Chill Mix

The first mix of the year comes from Koala Kontrol and like their description says, “it includes some of the best chill, acoustic, and indie tracks from 2015, ranging from Oh Wonder, EDEN, and Stephen.” A fantastic tracklist and an even better listen. A great start to 2016!


0:00 Vallis Alps – Young
5:15 Oh Wonder – Without You
8:57 Lauv – Come Back Home
12:17 The Eden Project – Times Like These
17:00 Stephen – Fly Down
20:06 Matt Woods -In The Dark
23:43 Cape Cub – Keep Me In Mind
26:56 Anders – I Wish (You Were Mine)
30:17 Ghost Loft – So High
32:56 Tom Redwood – I’ve Fallen For You
35:57 Hollow Coves – The Woods
39:52 Harrison Storm – Be Yourself
43:40 Nick Leng – Inside Your Mind (feat. Carmody)
47:55 Stonefox – Arrow
52:55 Gallant – Weight In Gold
55:42 Tenru – The Way She Moves
58:54 Blackbear – Weak When Ur Around (Acoustic)

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