Mind Capsules – Captain America: Sam Wilson #2 and Jirni #3

Captain America Sam Wilson #2
Captain America: Sam Wilson #2

Writer – Nick Spencer
Artist – Daniel Acuna

Sam Wilson, the current Captain America, is not the most popular person in America at the moment. When you happen to be a public figure, influential or not, you have to watch what you say and though Sam only had the best intentions, people took it the wrong way and that is why he finds himself in the place he is now. With the closing of the first arc to the new title, Nick Spencer and Daniel Acuna do so with a lot of drama, action, humour and intrigue, enough for more than just one book and with a great balance between them. Sam is growing into the role of Captain America quite well, but not without a bit of pain along the way. As we learn in this issue, it was not just the press conference that put a little bit of a target on his back, there also happens to be a mole in S.H.I.E.L.D. who happens to be leaking classified documents much like WikiLeaks does. While some of it was beneficial to the public, to stop the covert agency from assembling Cosmic Cubes for their personal use, other intel was harmful and though some might claim it is for the greater good, including Sam, and that no agency should hold itself above everyone else, others find it harmful, namely Steve and Maria Hill. It is with this character called The Whisperer where Steve and Sam greatly differ and when everything was finally settled, that is where we see Sam currently, out of S.H.I.E.L.D., out of the public’s favour and riding coach like most people on an airplane because he cannot afford to do so otherwise. One of the best additions to the book is Misty Knight, briefly seen in Rick Remender’s run. In that particular series, a mystery was setup with Misty at the center of it, or at least seemingly so, and while it has not been mentioned here, hopefully Spencer will pick it up as Misty is playing a much larger role in this series. With some really fantastic artwork from Acuna and a story to match, the latest iteration of Captain America is off to a great start.

4 out of 5

Jirni #3
Jirni #3

Writer – J.T. Krul
Artist – V Ken Marion
Inker – Mark Roslan
Colours – Wes Hartman, Stephan Lemineur, Peter Steigerwald, Federico Blee

J.T. Krul finally gives readers who might be new to Jirni a peek at Ara’s origin story and why she is currently making the trip she is on with the pirate Boro. That trip is cut short though after Boro reveals what he came to the city of Montessa for and it outrages Ara on a deeply personal level. Luckily though, the trip was not a complete waste as she thinks she might have found a lead as to where she might find her mother, the entire reason for her quest. One of the more interesting things that Krul has done with our heroine is having her appear as more seasoned and worldly, which is a huge leap from the first series. Where she was almost new to the world you could say in a lot of ways, she had a lot of trials by fire and here, she seems to no longer be that naive little girl. Sure, there are still many things she has never seen before or experienced previously, but the same can be said for everyone. It is as if her former battles have hardened her and now she is ready for anything that life might throw at her. It is a natural progression for the character and it is highly welcome as going into this second series, it was unclear as to what to expect. V Ken Marion continues to do an excellent job on the artwork, bringing Ara and this world to vivid life. Your imagination runs wild looking at all of the concepts and creations that these creators put forth on every page and it is a welcome break from the outside world to read this book. At the moment, Jirni is one of Aspen’s best books and hopefully it will graduate into an ongoing series instead of the limited engagement it is slotted for.

4 out of 5

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