Dancing With the Stars – Inspiration Week

Is anyone else still shocked by the fact that Hayes was eliminated last week? I know I am. But, I guess the upside for him is that at least he doesn’t have to worry about having to prepare four dances like the remaining stars do. Man, I can’t even imagine. So tonight, the stars and pros have to dance their usual solo dance – inspired by their icon – and then they’ll have to perform a dance-off, on top of that solo dance. The only couple that won’t have to participate is the pair that receives the highest score from the judges. So who will win immunity tonight? And who will be sent home? Let’s find out!

Carlos and Witney (Salsa)

Carlos has been dreading the salsa since the beginning of the season, but he can’t hide from it anymore. So tonight, he’s dancing for the Latinos to a Marc Anthony song, a man who also happens to be his idol. And he does a pretty good job! I agree with Carrie Ann that he’d had a bit of a rough start. Things looked a little bit simple and stiff at first, but then he hit his stride, and it was pretty incredible after that. He lifted Witney like it was nothing. Even Bruno was super impressed with the lifts and said that the Kama Sutra couldn’t compare with some of those positions. I have to agree!

Score: 27

Alek and Lindsay (Contemporary)

Alek is having a little bit of trouble living up to his hero status. He doesn’t see himself as a hero, so he’s not quite sure how to interact with people who see him as one. He thinks he’d disappointed people last week, so he wants to make up for it this week. Meeting the widow of his idol, Chris Kyle, the American Sniper, helped him too, as Chris had never thought of himself as a hero either. Their contemporary dance is beautiful and emotional in my opinion. Bruno notes that he’d messed up a little bit when catching Lindsay at one point, but says he’d looked like a tower of strength. Carrie Ann says he’d rose to the occasion, and Julianne says she wants to see more side by side dancing, though she appreciates that Lindsay works with his strengths, which are the lifts.

Score: 25

Andy and Allison (Viennese Waltz)

Andy was really close to his mom, so this week he’s re-imagining Stevie Wonder’s Isn’t She Lovely as a song for her. He gets really emotional as he tells Allison about his mom, and it makes me want to cry too! The judges all loved his heart in this dance and how uplifting it was, but technically, it lacked. All three judges agree that the emotionality of the dance took away from this technical precision, which hurt his score. Thankfully, he’s got another chance with the dance off to earn some more points.

Score: 22

Alexa and Mark (Argentine Tango)

Alexa has decided to take a different route in choosing her inspiration by naming David from David and Goliath as her icon. She’s always been motivated by her faith, so now she turns to her faith to get her through the next round. She’s learned that she’s got to go into the competition with intention and boldness, so she’s ready to use that to get immunity. The dance is impressive. I’m not sure about the music they chose to accompany the tango – Coldplay – but for the most part, it’s technically great, except for a little slip here and there. Bruno says it was grandiose, and Julianne says she’d worked her way through her slip up. Carrie Ann says it was was epic.

Score: 25

Nick and Sharna (Contemporary)

Nick thought long and hard about who to name as his idol, but in the end, he realized that no one inspires him more than his wife Lauren. She’s been there for him through everything and has saved him in a lot of ways. They’ve also gone through a lot together, including losing a baby, but now she’s pregnant again, and he wants this dance to show how much he loves her. It’s absolutely beautiful. The movements are all incredible. The way he dances proves how much he loves her, and by the end of the routine, he’s in tears. The judges all love what he’s done. Bruno says it was a perfect love poem. Carrie Ann says it took her breath away and that it was his best dance ever and Julianne says it showed that he truly is a dancer.

Score: 30

Bindi and Derek (Fox Trot)

Bindi’s starting to feel some of the pressure because she’s doing so well in this competition, so she’s channeling her idol, Grace Kelly. I don’t know how she does it; her knees are all bruised, and her feet are full of blisters. Her toes are even falling off! But she just keeps going. Derek says she’s the hardest worker he’s seen, and it shows. Her performance is almost flawless, full of energy and positivity, as is usual for Bindi. Carrie Ann says it was incredible and elegant, and that she loves Bindi’s energy. Julianne says that she tries to find things wrong with Bindi’s performance because she usually can’t find anything; though this time she and Bruno find a flaw with her shoulders. Bruno says she’s got gloss and glamour and has a Hollywood Sweetheart feel.

Score: 28

Tamar and Val (Pasodoble)

Val is upset on Tamar’s behalf because she’s been portrayed as the arrogant star this season, when it’s not really true. Tamar often goes into rehearsals with next to no confidence, so she chooses her sister Toni as her idol because she’s confident and has such faith in her. She has trouble again this week with rehearsals, but when it’s time to perform, she pulls out all the stops. She and Val excel in this dance, and I think it’s partially because they have to show a different kind of connection with this one. Bruno says it was pure Pasodoble, sharp and right from Spain. Julianne loved it, but says that her arms weren’t great when she lifted them above her head. Carrie Ann says she hammered it.

Score: 28

The Dance Off

Alright, time for the dance off! Bindi and Derek have the best score after the couple with immunity (Nick and Sharna, yay!), so they get to choose who they’re going to compete against first. But instead of just picking another team, Derek asks who wants to dance the jive, and Carlos and Witney volunteer. However, it’s Carlos and Witney who get to choose the dance (between Jive, Samba and Cha Cha), and I have to admit, I’m a tiny bit surprised that they agree to dance the jive. Have they played into Derek’s trap? As it turns out, no! Carlos and Witney’s dance is more interesting from start to finish. I found Bindi and Derek’s dance pretty boring, so my eyes were constantly drawn to Carlos and Witney. Bruno says it was thrilling. Carrie Ann says she’s impressed that Carlos and Witney got right into it. All the judges think that Carlos and Witney did a better job, though America preferred Bindi and Derek (shocker).

Next up, Tamar and Val challenge Alexa and Mark, and the latter choose to dance to Cha Cha. For the first half of the dance, I can’t keep my eyes off of Alexa and Mark, but by the second half, my eyes are drawn more to Tamar and Val. Bruno says that both pairs were sexy and cheeky, and Carrie Ann says that one had more flavour while the other was more traditional. It’s clear they all have their pick of who did it better, but they don’t agree this time. Carrie Ann preferred Alexa and Mark, but the other two liked Tamar and Val. The Audience liked Alexa and Mark better.

And third to perform are Alek and Lindsay and Andy and Allison and they’ve got the Samba, which neither star has ever done in competition. Neither one is particularly good at it, which Andy seems to get when he decides to forget about it and do a hand spring and the worm instead. It worked for the judges and the audience. All the judges agree that neither had a good samba, but Bruno liked Andy’s bounce and Julianne liked the handspring. The judges and Audience all picked Andy and Allison as the winners.

And now to the part everyone dreads: Elimination time. Nick and Sharna are safe (yay!), so that leaves the other six waiting to find their fates. Not surprisingly, Bindi and Derek are safe, as are Tamar and Val, Alexa and Mark, and Alek and Lindsay. This leaves Carlos and Andy in the bottom. Who goes home? Andy and Allison. 😦 . I really liked him, so I’m sad to see him go. I was kind of hoping it’d be Tamar or Alek who would get the boot tonight. Goodbye Andy! We’ll miss you and your comedy!

So, we’re now past the halfway point! Who do you think will be out next? To me, it seems like anyone could be next, but let me know what you think! See you next week!

– Rebecca

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