Mind Capsules – Dawn/Vampirella #5 and 1872 #4

Dawn-Vampirella #5
Dawn/Vampirella #5

Writer – Joseph Michael Linsner
Artist – Joseph Michael Linsner

After the revelation that Dawn could have gotten Vampirella and herself out of the predicament they found themselves in, Vampi is just a little angry. Maybe more than a little. But out of the two, though Vampirella is a vampire and her fangs are sharp, Dawn has her beat as she is, simply put, a goddess after all. Soon, after discovering what she needed to, Dawn does in fact get them out of Masodik’s grasp and then the two decide to go on the offensive so that the demon will never be able to do what he did again. This may not be the most offbeat crossover of the year, but it was an unexpected one and as it turns out, a good one too. Joseph Michael Linsner takes his most famous creation with this series and pairs her up with Vampirella who is quite possibly the most famous vampire outside of Dracula. There was a lot of humour to be found, black humour for the most part because none of it would really make you laugh out loud, but it was highly entertaining and would at least put a smile on your face. The villain of the book was all right if a little generic in nature and one that hardly seemed a worthy foe for our heroines, but he served his purpose and did so well enough. The star of the show, aside from the lethal ladies, is the artwork. Linsner is as good as he has ever been and reading this story is a little bittersweet because you never know when the man is going to put another one out. Linsner is famous for taking his time, and all of that does translate onto the page in every line and every panel. The only drawback is the waiting. When he puts something out it is a good day indeed, but never knowing when that might be is a little frustrating. The book ends on a somewhat ambiguous note, so it will be interesting to see what happens in the final issue.

4 out of 5

1872 #4
1872 #4

Writer – Gerry Duggan
Artist – Nik Virella
Colours – Lee Loughridge

1872 is a story of corruption, a disease that has affected the town of Timely down to its very roots. That perversion is Wilson Fisk and the town of Timely and all the areas surrounding it wait with baited breath to see who will come out on top – Red Wolf or Wilson Fisk. Red Wolf has a lot of grievances against the man, as do the rest of the people and Fisk has a lot to hold onto, so it will be a battle that many will remember long after it is finished. All of our heroes meet their fates in this final issue, some good and some bad, Fisk gets what is coming to him and Timely gets itself a new sheriff. To see Marvel put out a western series in 2015, even if it was for only four issues, was quite astounding and it turned out to be one of the most entertaining stories that Secret Wars would produce. Not only that, but Red Wolf will graduate into his own ongoing series this year which should be just as good, hopefully better. Like every series that premiered during this big event, the book would feature many of Marvel’s most popular heroes albeit with a different spin on them to fit this particular setting. Gerry Duggan and Nik Virella did not have to do anything overly drastic, merely regress them back to what they might look like during the time-frame in mind with the changes affecting personality than anything else. One of the more interesting heroes was Bruce Banner, not yet the Hulk that science would make him and another Tony Stark, a drunk who tries his best and a man that has not quite gotten used to looking to the future. Everything that you could want in a western is here – murder, revenge, cowboys and lovely ladies and a ton of action. Simply put, 1872 is worth your time and is a lot of fun to boot.

4 out of 5

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